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Interview with KEDGE graduate Juliana Ferreira, now a Buyer at KLB Group

Last June, KEDGE officially signed a partnership with KLB Group, an expert in support positions. This gave us the opportunity to speak with Juliana Ferreira, a graduate of the school and an employee of KLB Group.

Hello Juliana. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. To begin with, would you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your studies at KEDGE?

I entered KEDGE's MAI programme for the last year of my Master degree ( Class of 2020). I had received a lot of positive feedback on the quality of KEDGE's training while getting my Bachelor degree and the first year of my Master. After having studied there, and with the hindsight of a year working as a purchasing consultant, I can attest to the fact that KEDGE knows how to differentiate through its unique educational approach, both in terms of the transmission of applicable knowledge in the professional world, and in terms of life skills, which lets one stand out from the crowd both before and after entering the post-graduation job market. This is a real added value that I had not encountered before entering the MAI programme. The notion of getting the "big picture" is only part of it.

You are currently working as a Buyer at the KLB Group. Would you tell us about your job, your responsibilities, and its issues?

As a purchasing consultant, I'm currently tasked with providing my skills and know-how to a major client in the banking sector (an investment bank).


In a global context and with the constant evolution of the IT and telecom sectors, as Lead Buyer I'm in charge of assisting the different parties in the projects (currently characterised by the harmonisation and improvement of middle and back office solutions on a global scale). As such, I interact daily with internal staff in France and with suppliers/partners abroad in connection with bidding, contracting/negotiation, and contract follow-up.


A successful implementation of projects is coupled with the maintenance and improvement of the client's global quality and brand image, so these are strategic projects.


As consultants, the clients call on us to fulfil a need, such as know-how they don't have or to help compensate for a lack of resources. As such, we have to meet the client's demands and provide added value.

Many KEDGE graduates currently work for your company. Why do you think that the KLB Group attracts so many of our graduates?

KLB is a key player in the field of intellectual services in purchasing.


With a strong presence in France and a growing global presence (Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Mauritius), KLB has become a leading intellectual services company in the purchasing field, particularly in France. The type of assignments given to consultants cover various sectors of activity and all levels of experience (in-house training is offered to help consultants develop their skills). Moreover, because of the diversity of the projects we receive, consultants are assigned jobs per their skills and experience, which allows them to advance in their professional careers while meeting the needs of our clients.


KLB has obtained recognition in the industry because of its quality service. As a consequence, KLB is consulted for various assignments so consultants can be assigned the assignments that he or she likes. It's a win-win for everyone


Being awarded the Great Place to Work certification is evidence of the importance KLB places on the well-being of its employees.

The KLB Group and KEDGE have just signed a partnership to strengthen their collaboration. In your opinion, what does your company offer our students and graduates (opportunities, business sector, etc.)?

This partnership gives Kedgers the chance to have a differentiating stature in the professional world.


Consulting is a career accelerator driven by immersion in a company. Having experience in different companies gives one the opportunity to discover different ways of working, and interactions with colleagues who have had different experiences provide for even greater personal and professional enrichment.


As with the KEDGE network, when a person becomes a KLB consultant, they become part of a new network made up of employees at all levels of KLB, and who are available to provide their knowledge and assistance. New recruits become part of a solid group as soon as they join.

To finish our interview, what advice would you give to our graduates and students who are interested in working for the KLB Group?

To join KLB as a purchasing consultant, I think it's important to demonstrate an ability to take on the responsibilities that come with being a consultant and be able to adapt to an environment that can vary in frequency depending on the length of the assignment. It's also important to be willing to learn and get additional training, as well as be open to what's going on in the field of purchasing.


Because of the training KEDGE provides, I have full confidence in Kedgers. So have confidence in yourselves!


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