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Interview with Erwan Gustave, a KEDGE graduate and cofounder of the call tracking platform Magnétis

Erwan graduated from KEDGE in 2011 and, in collaboration with Alexandre Jacq, founded Magnétis in 2014. It was an immediate success and the company now has more than 12,000 clients and 150 partnerships. We’ll tell you more below.

What is call tracking? 🧐

It's analytics for phone calls!



To put it simply, Magnétis uses technology that allows you to know where calls are coming from, identify the communication channels that are performing, as well as those that are not. With call tracking, you can also receive alerts on missed calls to get the most out of your communication budget and improve your return on investment (ROI)

If you work in communications, digital, or commerce, you are most likely using communication tools (SEO, Google Ads, email marketing, social media, Google My Business, etc.).


 As soon as your prospective customers and clients contact you by telephone, tracking your calls in the same way as you do for your website and social media pages, will enable you to make the most of your communication budget and improve theROI of your marketing campaigns, by addressing the following issues:

  • What is the source of calls to my business?
  • Which keywords, ads, or Google campaigns are generating the calls?
  • Are all the leads generated on my website called back by my teams and how quickly? 

Magnetis is designed for all types of companies and sectors of activity. You don't need to be a large company or spend a lot of money to analyse the effectiveness of your communications strategy! 


For example, the following indicators can be found on their platform:

  • The total number of calls received and by source,
  • The percentage of missed calls,
  • The call back rate,
  • Call back time,
  • Call back result.

Discover the world of Call-tracking, and as an Alumni of KEDGE, take advantage of a promotional offer of -10% on a monthly package (with no commitment)!

Zoom on Erwan’s background 🎓

Originally from Normandy, Erwan started at KEDGE in 2008, what he calls “the starting point of a diverse educational journey.” The first at KEDGE was spent doing a general curriculum at its Bordeaux campus. He also joined AMS, the School’s Junior Enterprise, and did an end-of-year internship at NICOLAS in St-Malo that year. During his second year, he specialised in business finance by completing the Wine Chair programme. That was followed by a gap year, during which he worked in management control and treasury at BMW Finance in Paris, followed by a semester abroad in Shanghai to complete his degree. 


With his expertise in finance and the desire to use digital innovation to optimise business activity and performance, Erwan cofounded Finesime, a company that developed customised dashboards for marketing and sales departments. 


“I became a specialist in ROI optimisation. Ten years in developing software solutions have turned me into a SaaS specialist, particularly in ROI tools.” 


The call tracking market seemed to have strong potential for Erwan. “Analysing phone calls in terms of ROI emerged as the largest blind spot in a company's data. The phone rings and we answer as if these calls are generated through thin air! What’s the source of the call? What keyword on Google Ads generates the most calls? Did the advert in the street or the last email campaign lead to the calls? All of these questions can now be answered by using Magnétis, our call tracking software.


Erwan, would you tell us more about Magnétis and your objectives?

Call tracking is a technical solution that allows the attribution and analysis of incoming phone calls. It allows for analysis across three dimensions: the origin of calls, the activity of services recipient of calls, and the relationship with clients and leads.


"If you can't measure performance, you can't improve it!."  Our solution opens the door to an online and offline multichannel performance analysis. The innovative nature of our software was recognised by Crédit Agricole’s Le Village de l’Innovation in 2015, then by STATION F in 2018. We are currently continuing to develop in France and internationally.


We want to become the standard on the French market, and we are beginning to expand on the European scene with the same goal in mind. Finally, we plan on upgrading the solution in 2023, to further improve the accurate measurement of ROI with advertisers, by going beyond measuring performance and addressing the conversion of leads to sales. 


Discover the world of Call-tracking, and as an Alumni of KEDGE, take advantage of a promotional offer of -10% on a monthly package (with no commitment)!

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