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Insertion survey: KEDGE on the phone

Have you recently received an email from KEDGE to complete a survey? Or perhaps you’ve received a call from Study Call x KEDGE?

Yes, KEDGE really is contacting you... ask you detailed questions about your professional integration. It's essential that every recent graduate respond to the survey sent by email or the call from Study Call on behalf of KEDGE. Here's why: 

➡️  This is a compulsory survey that all Grandes Ecoles are required to conduct:

The Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) accredits all the training programmes and diplomas of the Grandes Ecoles. It requires that an annual survey be carried out among the graduates of the last three graduating classes (yes, you have to answer this survey three years in a row).

If you did an MS or MSc programme, the France Compétences organisation (an offshoot of the Ministry of Labour which accredits professional certifications (RNCP labels)) that entitles you to receive work-study training, including yours, will also require you to complete a survey.

The purpose of these surveys is to monitor the professional integration of recent graduates and to renew your school's accreditation.

KEDGE is obliged to carry out surveys by the CGE and France Compétences as the accreditations of all Grandes Ecoles are dependent upon them. If you don’t respond, we risk having our accreditations for those degrees not being renewed. It would be a great pity if your degree were to be discontinued after you.


➡️  RéponCompleting this survey is a way to add value to your degree:

By responding to the survey, you are not only doing a service to the school, but you are also doing a service to the community as a whole - and first of all to yourself!

In fact, the results of the surveys allow you to:

  • Prove the value of your education to recruiters by showing the quality of post-school careers
  • Support your salary negotiations with statistical data
  • Help the school get its accreditations renewed


➡️ Failure to respond means that your degree will be penalised in the various rankings:

These annual surveys, the results of which are made public, are THE reference for national and international rankings, which are the basis for the reputation of your degree.

Therefore, these surveys are a strong incentive to continue to boost the reputation of the School. They highlight the quality and diversity of the integration of graduates.


➡️  KEDGE has subcontracted StudyCall, and guarantees that your information will be kept confidential:

In order to ensure that our obligations are met, in addition to the emails sent to you, KEDGE has hired the call service StudyCall to contact you by telephone on behalf of the school.

Please be aware that the majority of the people who will be calling you are current KEDGE students who are assisting StudyCall in their work.

Please also note that if they ask you about your job and your salary, it’s because they are legally required to do to feed national statistics, and of course those of KEDGE. These questions may seem very personal, but they are processed anonymously, in the form of averages. 

We don't store your answers by name and, with your consent, some information will be used to update your KEDGE Alumni profile.

Please note: You will be asked at the end of the survey if you’d like to update your KEDGE Alumni profile with some of your answers, such as your contact information, job, city, etc. You can of course decline. In that case, you have the right to access and delete your data on the KEDGE Alumni portal in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Of course, the KEDGE Alumni team and all KEDGE’s Alumni will be delighted if you keep your profile up to date, it is the main step to keeping in touch with your community!


✅   Don’t hesitate to answer the survey!

A unique link to answer the survey will be sent to you via your email address. If you haven’t received it, please be sure to check your spam folder. If it’s not there, please contact us

Thank you very much.

The KEDGE Alumni




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