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In collaboration with Philippe Starck, this Kedger has created Aeklys: a connected and intelligent ring!

Fabien Raiola, a 2013 KEDGE graduate and President of ICARE Technologies, has created a smart ring that replaces wallets and key fobs recently in association with the famous designer Philippe Starck.

Founded in 2016 by Fabien Raiola (a KEDGE graduate) and Jérémy Neyrou, the start-up ICARE Technologies proposed a revolutionary project from the outset: a connected ring with infinite possibilities and features. Following two successive rounds of fundraising and a meeting with the designer Philippe Starck, the project experienced a significant development. Starck agreed to collaborate and became the artistic director of ICARE Technologies and the designer of the Aeklys by Starck ring models.

Start-up ICARE Technologies and visionary designer Philippe Starck recently introduced Aeklys by Starck as "the smart ring that connects you to your environment like magic." Thanks to unique and patented technologies, and an ultra-ergonomic minimal design, the ring replaces all of your payment cards, transportation tickets, and business cards, as well as ID management with current contactless devices.

"Aeklys by Starck is a technological miracle that belongs to the magic and to the genius of human evolution" - A design by Philippe

Described by the famous designer Philippe Starck as "a technological miracle with infinite possibilities", this connected ring quickly reached surpassed its funding goal of one million euros! "We’ve just ended a participatory financing campaign which raised 1,018,720 euros, which was the record high for the Myoptions platform. More than a number, this has been a source of pride for us. With this amount of funding, we’re now able to strengthen the team with marketing specialists." - Fabien Raiola, Managing Director, ICARE Technologies. 


Waterproof and without batteries, there’s no need for the wearer to take out a wallet, smartphone, or bank card, the ring simply needs to be presented close to the payment terminal. For maximum protection, communication takes place via an NFC chip. Several features are already available, such as contactless payments, a connected home interface, access to public transport, personal and digital identification, and a pre-paid maintenance service.

In short, Aeklys by Starck delivers fee-free bank transactions and comes with a free "Aeklys" app with which you can manage the ring’s various features and view the geolocation of your transactions. Of course, like many devices these days, the ring can be deactivated remotely in the event of loss or theft.

To find out more or to purchase the Aeklys by Starck ring, visit



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