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I want to support the new generation of managers and get a credit on my taxes

Did you know that by donating to KEDGE Business School’s Foundation, you can benefit from a reduction on your taxes?

You have until 8 June (depending upon which department you live in) to make a donation and benefit from a tax credit on your Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière (IFI) (Tax on your Real Estate Assets).


The amount of the tax credit you are entitled to is determined upon the amount of the donation

Taxpayers who are liable for the IFI can reduce their tax by up to 75% of the amount of their donation to the KEDGE Business School Foundation. The amount of the tax credit is capped at 50,000€.

If the calculation of the tax credit exceeds this amount, the excess cannot be refunded or carried forward. On the other hand, the portion of the donation that does not got toward the IFI is eligible for the Income Tax Credit.

For example, if you are liable for 3,750€ in IFI tax in 2019 and make a donation of 5,000€, you will not have to pay any more IFI tax in 2019 (3,750€ / 0.75 = approx. 5,000€).

Whatever the amount of the taxable assets under the IFI, the taxpayer must file his or her IFI declaration at the same time as he or she files their annual income tax return (between April and June), on supplementary declaration n°2042-IFI.

You must retain the tax receipt that we send to you after your donation has been made in order to be eligible for tax relief.

So make a donation to benefit from a tax break on your IFI!



And what about tax relief on my income tax obligation?

A donation to the KEDGE Foundation also allows you to benefit from a tax credit of up to 66% of the amount of your donation, up to a maximum 20% of your taxable income. To take advantage of this credit you must make your donation before 31 December of the year in progress. 


How is my donation used?

The School is committed to CSR, sustainable development, and inclusivity. That is why, for almost 11 years now, the KEDGE Business School Foundation has supported the School’s projects that support these areas.

Additionially, the actions taken thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and partners are centred on three axes:

  • Fostering research: the Foundation supports managerial research so that it can offer its students up-to-date teaching that is in keeping with the challenges facing companies and the ecosystem in which they are working by financing the creation of research chairs in promising and innovative sectors;
  • Placing the human at the centre of our activities through the financing of social grants, emergency funds in case of a crisis (health, humanitarian), and the Wellness programme (a service provided by the School to address the physical and mental health of its students;
  • Support the spirit of entrepreneurship through the financing of the School’s incubator, which is located on each of its four campuses in France, and entrepreneurial grants awarded to incubated companies. 

At the intersection of these last two axes, in 2020 KEDGE Business School created an innovative programme: the Ecole Entrepreneuriale. This training of excellence is for youth aged between 18 and 30 from cities’ priority neighbourhoods who have graduated from high school but who don’t have any professional skills. The École Entrepreneuriale supports them for three years in two areas: obtaining a specialisation certification issued when they complete the training and the incubation of their entrepreneurial project in the Business Nursery.



Are you interested in learning more, supporting a specific project, or finding out how to make a donation from abroad? Contact Morgane Metz, who is in charge of fundraising: / +33 6 79 75 84 15


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