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Credit:Townley Le Guénédal, Aurélien Gouttefarde et Benjamin Gaignault -

Founder of Ornikar, Benjamin Gaignault (KEDGE graduate), raises 4 million euros with his new stratup Skarlett

Benjamin Gaignault, who graduated from KEDGE in 2011 and is a seasoned entrepreneur, co-founded the new start-up Skarlett, which has just raised €4 million to give purchasing power to people over 60.

The three co-founders of the young and promising startup Skarlett, Townley Le Guénédal (Operandi), Aurélien Gouttefarde (Homeloop) and Benjamin Gaignault (Ornikar), have just announced that they have raised 4 million euros in funding.


What is the purpose of Skarlett? To enable young people over 60 to enjoy the best years of their lives! How do they do this? By giving back purchasing power to people over 60, by freeing up the wealth locked up in their real estate assets.

" In France, there are 18 million of them. However, the over-60s are under-addressed consumers, to whom we attribute clichés from another century, whereas they are ultra-connected and full of plans for the future. This generation has completely changed, in terms of needs, perceptions and management style. Skarlett wants to tackle, one by one, all the issues of the daily life of these young people over 60... with the objective of simplifying their lives ", explains Townley Le Guénédal, CEO of Skarlett.

More concretely

With just a few clicks, the startup allows sellers to obtain an estimate of the capital that Skarlett can make available immediately. Specialized advisors accompany clients, using a technological platform and estimation tools based on several data sources, to find the best solution for their profile and life project. At the end of a process that takes less than 3 months, Skarlett makes up to 60% of the value of their property directly available to a 75 year old couple, for example.

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