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Founded by 2 KEDGE alumni and a successful start-up, Rematch opens its capital to its community of sports fans!

Created by 2 KEDGE alumni, Rematch, the flourishing startup, is opening up its capital to its community of sports fans!

Pierre Husson and Franck Si-Hassen (KEDGE alumni) are the founders of Rematch: a free solution for broadcasting the best action from your matches!

Rematch opens up its capital!

Ahead of its fund-raising for professional investors, Rematch has decided to open up its capital to its community and to all those who support amateur sport in France.

With a minimum investment of €10, anyone can become a shareholder in the startup!

Pre-register on the Crowdcube platform, the European leader in participative financing.

What are the advantages of pre-registering?

  • Be the first to know about the launch date and not miss a thing
  • Priority access to the campaign
  • Don't miss out on the opportunity to invest in Rematch's capital

" We're delighted to finally open up our capital to our community! Since 2019, we've been growing with our community of users. Starting with Bordeaux, the Gironde and then Nouvelle-Aquitaine, our users are now immortalizing match highlights all over France. We receive an enormous amount of support from them on a daily basis, so it's a logical next step to give them a real role in Rematch. " Says Pierre Husson, CEO and co-founder of Rematch.

"We are delighted that Rematch has decided to open up its capital to its community via our platform. As France's leading amateur sports highlight, Rematch is perfectly placed to raise equity crowdfunding. " Says Matt Cooper, Co-CEO of Crowdcube


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