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Two kedgers are embarking on a project with a social and environmental impact to create a dream getaway in Madagascar

Diane and Philippe, KEDGE MBA graduates, announce their new venture, the CarpeDiane project. Having successfully completed their studies, these two passionate entrepreneurs have embarked on an extraordinary project.

Diane, working in Marseille and proud of her professional achievements, and Philippe CARON, residing in Bordeaux after 15 enriching years in Asia, combine their skills and passions to bring CarpeDiane to life. They need the support of current and past KEDGE students to move forward.

The project

CarpeDiane is a project developed during their two years of MBA training at KEDGE. It involves the construction of an ecolo-chic resort on a 3-hectare plot located on the East coast of Madagascar, along the Indian Ocean. The project aims to minimize the carbon footprint while having a positive impact on local communities.


This characterful hotel complex will offer initiatives to promote the professional development of women through training and support, ensure the well-being of children in neighboring villages through educational programs, and preserve nature and the local ecosystem through initiatives such as tree planting and the development of short supply chains with local producers. Travelers will have the opportunity to participate in these programs and experience an authentic Madagascar by discovering its people and culture.


Diane and Philippe have already accomplished several crucial steps in bringing their project to fruition. They have established an LLC in Madagascar, created a website with a trademark registered at INPI, developed a comprehensive business plan including the marketing plan, collaborated with an architect to design the master plan, created a 3D video of the resort to present it to the public and potential investors, and started the environmental impact study of the project in collaboration with the Ministries of Environment and Tourism.


However, to successfully execute their project and present a turnkey offer to potential investors, Diane and Philippe need support to finance the environmental impact study. To achieve this, they have created a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds. At the same time, they are actively working on growing their community on social media, particularly on LinkedIn and Instagram.

In order to seek the support of the KEDGE community, including alumni, Diane and Philippe are launching a call to action. They invite Kedgers to participate, to promote the GoFundMe campaign and take part in creating a better world, especially in the current French context..

Find out more:

To find out more about the CarpeDiane project, please visit the official CarpeDiane Beach Resort & Spa website at


You can also follow the project on social networks:

Finally, don't hesitate to contact Diane Irina and Philippe Caron:

  • +33 6 70 45 70 21 / +33 6 35 97 44 81

  • contact@


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1 Comment

Neil ASTLES (KEDGE BS Global MBA , 2022) 27 July 2023 à 13h37

This is a fantastic project. Great to see that it is moving forward.