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KEDGE graduate David Notteghem's wine selected at the Élysée!

David Notteghem, former kedger turned winemaker following a daring reconversion. One of his estate wines has just been selected for the Élysée Palace!

🎓 A classic career path, a bold reconversion and a quest for meaning

The story of our former kedger begins with a classic career path, HEC prep school in Nantes, then integration into KEDGE Bordeaux, where he took the PGE Finance course. After working in the financial sector, organizational consulting and real estate investment fund management, David decided in 2017 to give new meaning to his professional life. With a BTS in viticulture oenology in his pocket, he launched himself into the world of wine, taking over a wine estate in the Périgord region with his partner Matthieu. 🍇

From January 2019, David and his partner, are gradually buying up Domaine de Combet. Dating back to 1896 and located in Monbazillac, Domaine de Combet is now farmed organically on 30 hectares of vines. No fewer than 12 cuvées are produced here in AOC Monbazillac, Bergerac, Côtes de Bergerac and vins de France, all of which have held the Agriculture Biologique label since 2021. 🌱

The daily life of a winegrower is marked by versatility: agronomist, tractor operator, cellar master, oenologist, sales manager, HR manager, financial manager. A reconversion that, despite its many challenges, brings undeniable personal satisfaction.

✨ The Élysée selects the Prémices cuvée, for the presidential cellar

👏 Last summer, David met one of the Élysée sommeliers, who fell in love with their Prémices cuvée, a Bergerac Blanc de garde launched in 2019.

On November 22, David and his partner had the honor of presenting their cuvée at the French Mayors' Congress at the Élysée Palace, and sharing an unforgettable moment with other winemakers from across the country.

The evening culminated in a tasting of the Prémices cuvée by the President and a moment of exchange with Emmanuel Macron. 🏅

🤝 A promising future for Domaine de Combet

Domaine de Combet's development goals are ambitious. David and Matthieu are gearing up for a significant increase in production in 2024.

This step is necessary in order to respond to the diversification of distribution channels, in particular by exporting wines to the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia. The modernization of infrastructures (wine-making and ageing cellars) is also on the agenda.

These development projects require new financing. David and Matthieu are not closing any doors, and are considering the entry of new partners or the interest of short- or medium-term equity financing to ensure the growth and sustainability of the estate. 🚀

💬 Any advice for KEDGE students?

" Put meaning into your professional life!

As we move into our thirties, after a few years of professional experience, the quest for meaning, tangibility and personal pride becomes ever stronger. We spend most of our lives working, so it might as well serve a purpose, and in particular make us happy. "

To contact Domaine de Combet :

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👉 Contact David Notteghem: 07 82 30 87 14


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