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Co-founded by KEDGE graduate Gilles Lavaure, Linksider is a new generation of B2B marketplace that introduces decision makers

A graduate of KEDGE, Gilles Lavaure has co-founded Linksider, the first B2B marketplace that generates "warm introductions".

About Linksider

Linksider, the first B2B lead generation marketplace that simplifies complex sales! The Bordeaux-based start-up connects entrepreneurs to decision-makers in large companies, intermediate-sized businesses, scale-ups, enabling them to accelerate the development of their business.


What does this mean more precisely?

Commercial directors and entrepreneurs are striving to break through the barriers of major accounts, but cannot do so efficiently. Sales executives are hard to find, expensive, and often difficult to manage.

Linksider solves this problem by pooling the key business networks of experienced executives/freelancers (the insiders) who are willing to share their contacts (the decision-makers) and provide "warm introductions" to C-Level executives for entrepreneurs once a match has been made and accepted by both parties.

This makes it easy, fast and secure to establish contacts, as if each entrepreneur has as many partners as there are members of the Linksider community - and at a marginal cost. Linksider has created a "network-as-a-service" that accelerates its users' business development through the power of their networks. 



A growing community of insiders

The platform’s community of insiders is growing every day and aims to have at least 1,000 insiders by June 2022, and 10,000 in the following months. Insiders are those who pay close attention to their networks and who enjoy connecting. Their professional experiences have helped them develop and cultivate a strong network through their careers, whether they worked for intermediate-sized businesses, large corporations, or start-ups. Each insider derives multiple benefits from this platform - in particular he or she becomes an unparalleled "networker" for both his or her network and for his or her own professional needs. 

Linksider is the community that uses its network to grow each of their own networks - Christophe S. Insider since September 2020 

People are at the core of the marketplace

Technology is essential to Linksider’s Web 3.0 geared B2B marketplace. Linksider complements the benefits enjoyed by its users by placing the people aspect at the core of its introduction procedures.

For the community:

  • Training programmes on professional networking developments, daily points of contact, coaching, events, etc.

For clients:

  • Coaching on business strategy and account acquisition, power mapping, and pipeline management. "We’ve saved a tremendous amount of time - it's just plug and play. We decide what we want to accomplish and then we meet people and exchange ideas. We make excellent contacts... I feel like I have a dance card." - Anne M. Founding partner of a communications agency


A robust matchmaking process without pressure.

With Linksider, the matchmaking process is automated and secure. The client makes a request on the platform and the algorithm matches the right contact within a company. The insider then arranges an introduction to business colleagues who are decision-makers.




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