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Co-founded by a KEDGE graduate, Concrete Raw, an eco-responsible business, is being launched in Bordeaux

Co-founded by Marine Thyrault (a KEDGE Alumna) and her sister, the shop will open its doors on the docks of Bord'eau Village in May 2022 to help people consume sustainably.

Concrete Raw was founded in 2021 by two sisters and is soon to see the light of day. Its main objective is to promote local and responsible initiatives to help people consume more sustainably through selling eco-friendly clothing, cosmetics, furnishings, and drinks. This physical shop is a brand new concept that makes sustainable brands affordable. It also gives them more visibility so customers can create a true place to live.

You can find eco-designed, upcycle, and second-hand clothes; natural and bulk cosmetics; as well as trendy furniture. To quench your thirst, the shop also sells beer, wine, and coffee at any time of the day. Regular events are also held to raise awareness of sustainable consumption, such as DIY workshops, exhibitions, and conferences.

Concrete Raw is a venture that strives to make ethical, sustainable and responsible consumption more accessible for day-to-day non-food purchases. It's a retail space that offers eco-designed or second-hand clothes, natural cosmetics, and locally produced drinks at affordable prices. Workshops, exhibitors, lectures, and events featuring young artists from the region will also be held in this unconventional, urban space.

Helping the people of Bordeaux to consume better without impacting their habits, their comfort, or their budget is the gamble taken by two young sisters, one of whom graduated from KEDGE Business School, while the other graduated from SKEMA Business School. 

Originally from the south of France, they chose to take on Bordeaux to be the first city in France to introduce this concept. At Hangar 16 in Bord'eau Village, the famous Clarks shop is giving way to this brand new hybrid business. Only a four-minute walk from the Cours du Medoc tram stop, the frontage advertises its colours with an urban and relaxed style. A 182-square-metre space for sustainable shopping and an area for customers to take a pause between two purchases.

According to INSEE, the French spend 45 billion euros every year on clothing, and companies represent a turnover of 150 billion euros, of which 80 billion euros are spent on clothing. This is a prosperous sector that is seeing the entry of new, committed players who offer products that are alternatives to mass consumption.


"In 2021, responsible consumption must be seen, be accessible, and become the norm," said Marine Thyrault, who is proud to do her part by launching Concrète Raw.

Concrete Raw will inaugurate its space on 15 March 2022 from 6 pm. Opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm every day except Monday. The enterprise has decided to counter big business by replacing it with brands that are responsible, local, affordable, and trendy. 



And what’s next? 

The idea of making sustainable consumption more accessible remains our primary goal. Over the coming years, we hope to expand the Concrete Raw network nationwide. The idea is to establish this concept in several French cities in order to democratise circular economy and sustainable fashion in the country.



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