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Class of 1983 reunion: Relive in pictures a day dedicated to celebrating 40 years of friendship and success.

On October 14, our graduates got together for a day to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their class of 1983.

It was a memorable day of sharing, friendship and reminiscing, as members of the class of 1983 gathered to celebrate their 40th graduation. The event was an opportunity to step back into the past while enjoying the joys of the present, all in a sumptuous setting.

The day began with an exceptional visit to Château Lynch-Bages, located in Pauillac, in the Médoc region, famous for its renowned wines. Former classmates had the chance to immerse themselves in the region's winegrowing history, exploring the vineyards and winery facilities. A tasting of carefully selected wines took them on a gustatory journey, recalling the flavors that have evolved over the decades.

After an experience rich in aromas and history, the Class of 1983 gathered for a convivial lunch.

Conversations spanned the decades, evoking university memories, challenges overcome together and successes achieved since graduation. The smiles, laughter and emotions shared throughout the day testified to the profound impact these years of study have had on everyone's lives. The celebration of the Class of 1983's 40th anniversary was a real success, an unforgettable moment that strengthened the friendship between these comrades and highlighted the successes that continue to accumulate.

See all the photos of the anniversary below 👇

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