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Focus on the welcome ceremony for the class of 2023 at Shanghai jiao tong university's xuhui campus

Find out more about the program for the Shanghai Jiao Tong University ceremony. Speeches, speeches, musical creations and working groups...

On December 9, 2023, the SJTU-KEDGE Global MBA program held a grand welcoming ceremony for the Class of 2023 at the Xuhui campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

This ceremony not only symbolized their formal acceptance into this renowned international business school, but also served as an important moment to commemorate their shared professional journey ahead.

During the event, the Chinese representative of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) highlighted SJTU's rich history and solid reputation. He also stressed the importance of the SJTU-KEDGE Global MBA program for the Chinese school.

Later, Ms Yan Fei, Director of Shanghai Operations at KEDGE Business School, reflected on the potential of the school's platform to empower new students to engage in life. KEDGE's diverse faculty, exciting study abroad modules and knowledge-sharing platform for exploring new business insights will give students a global perspective and a competitive edge in understanding the latest business trends. We believe that KEDGE BS's extensive alumni network, both globally and nationally, will provide students with a valuable and supportive community of like-minded individuals with similar goals and aspirations. At the same time, as a French business school, students will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of club activities that will showcase the charm of the French lifestyle and style. We are excited to come together, accomplish great things and embark on a new journey with our students.

The morning's activities were energized by Senior Professor of Marketing, Director of Global MBAs, Hervé REMAUD. He stressed the importance of MBA studies as a crucial period of personal growth, emphasizing the importance of transformation from different perspectives. He highlighted the multitude of pressures facing managers today, including the complexity of the international situation, the rapid pace of technological advances and the ongoing process of digitization. Thus, being prepared in difficult circumstances, gaining wisdom from the abundance of information and applying it to practical scenarios, breaking with monotony, self-understanding and self-confidence are essential to achieving a significant breakthrough.

Next, Ms. Real Chen, Head of Operations and New Program Development, presented the next two years' curriculum, teaching methods and academic standards to enhance the MBA learning experience. Finally, Xifan Huang, Head of Marketing and Alumni Relations, presented a wide range of alumni activities, the latest alumni information and opportunities to build strong ties with alumni from a different perspective.

We were delighted to invite Mr. Jiang Limin, Vice President of Marketing, Greater China, Pandora Jewellery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, and Distinguished Alumnus of the SJTU-KEDGE Global MBA Intake 2016 program, to share his impressions of his time on campus. In his speech, he highlighted the program's ability to positively influence career development. He also shared his personal experiences of self-improvement in the face of competition and change, which he attributed to the well-rounded curriculum and diverse campus activities.

The post-midday activity was marked by an explosion of creativity and imagination. The new students were divided into groups and, under the guidance of their mentors, embarked on an exhilarating brainstorming session. Their task was to collaborate and compose a unique song within the allotted time.

The new students were tasked with starting their work from the very beginning. They had to create the lyrics and compose the music, finally presenting a fully realized performance. At the end of the day, the students gathered in the historic building in the heart of Shanghai. They had the opportunity to connect with each other, swap stories and learn from each other's diverse backgrounds, while enjoying the lively music playing in the background. This interaction not only fostered a better understanding between the parties involved, but also encouraged the concept of exchanging ideas and collaborating in the business world.

Managers from diverse backgrounds and international perspectives have come together to share their unique experiences. We have every confidence in their ability to thrive in the years ahead and make significant contributions to the global economic landscape.


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