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Celebrating 50 years of the Class of 1974

An emotional return

On May 17, 2024, the KEDGE Business School class of 1974 celebrated its 50th anniversary in the Phocaean city, marking an event rich in emotion for all participants.


The day began with a visit to the KEDGE Luminy Campus, where you could feel the palpable pleasure of the alumni at setting foot once again on the grounds of their former school. Memories seemed to come flooding back at every corner, rekindling the moments shared and friendships formed during their student years.


Participants were both surprised and amazed by the school's many transformations. The modernized infrastructure and new technological facilities impressed them, while at the same time rekindling a sweet nostalgia. They also had the opportunity to chat briefly with the new generation of kedgers, creating an intergenerational bridge filled with mutual respect and admiration.


After this moving morning, the festivities continued in a sumptuous hotel, the NHow Hôtel de Marseille, whose enchanting setting immediately seduced the guests. The warm and attentive welcome contributed to the convivial and festive atmosphere of the day. The reunion was marked by laughter, tears and shared anecdotes, testifying to the strength of the bonds that unite this graduating class.


This was followed by a moment of dancing, where everyone gave free rein to their joy at seeing familiar faces again. The good mood was omnipresent, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared pleasure.


This 50th anniversary will be remembered as a day when past and present were harmoniously intertwined, celebrating both yesterday's memories and today's friendships.

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