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Brigitte is leaving and and Morgane has come on board to manage KEDGE Alumni's branches.

After 17 years with the KEDGE, Brigitte is stepping down and leaving Morgane to carry on the great work with the managers of the KEDGE Alumni branches.

After 17 years of good and loyal service, I will be leaving KEDGE and the Alumni network at the end of December to start my new life, or at least to continue the story of my life!

I've been happy, very happy in fact, at Kedge. Working with all of you made me want to get up every morning and you have actually indirectly contributed to my well-being on the eve of my retirement! I have so many things in my project trunk that I will be busy for the next 20, 25, and even 30 years! Thank you! Brigitte

Brigitte is passing the baton on to Morgane. Who is she? 🌍

Located on the Bordeaux campus, Morgane is a 29-year-old graduate from ESC La Rochelle. She grew up in Martinique, and has lived in Brazil, Canada, the United States, and Spain... a true citizen of the world! Morgane is also completely bilingual

I'm so happy to become part of the wonderful team of KEDGE Alumni. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you - the hosts of our local branches. It's a new adventure for me and I'm delighted to continue Brigitte's work with our branches and develop new and exciting projects with you. Morgane

You are not losing anything, believe me! Thank you all for giving her the warmest welcome. Organise lots of events and share your thoughts and ideas with her as we’ve always done. 

Thank you for your loyalty to the network, for your friendship, and for our time together.



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