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Boost your career and discover a new training catalog with Edflex.

In collaboration with Edflex, KEDGE Alumni offers you hundreds of resources to improve your skills!

🚀 Don't let your career stagnate!

KEDGE Alumni has teamed up with Edflex to offer you a rich catalog of quality resources, designed to enhance your skills in a variety of areas.

In collaboration with Edflex, KEDGE Alumni provides you with hundreds of resources to enhance your skills and enable you to become a player in your professional development. Discover a varied, high-quality catalog to complement your knowledge in a wide range of fields!

👩‍💻 Flexible learning opportunities

Explore the many formats available for easy training! Only a few minutes to spare? You have access to a multitude of videos, podcasts and articles. Want to take your time? Discover the best online training courses!

📚 Resources adapted to current events

Come back every month to discover new resources selected by our experts. Continuously renewed content to keep your skills up to date!

💬 Expert chat to guide you

Not sure where to start? Get personalized suggestions from our pedagogical experts every day, directly from your platform! Like a personal advisor, our experts are there to recommend content tailored to your needs.


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