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“Booking Hôtesses”, a start-up created by 2 KEDGE BS alumni, was selected as 2016 “Best Digital Start-Up” by France Digitale!

On the road from school to success, it only takes a few short steps, and KEDGE Business School is here to help you along the way. Cyril and Laura graduated in 2015 and received support from the Business Nursery. They have been piling up awards ever since!


As is so often the case, Laura Domenech and Cyril Cattaneo were still in school when they had an idea that would change their lives. “In the 6 years we were at university, we both worked as host and hostess for a number of events, which allowed us to build an important network in the events and temp sectors. Later on, we worked as recruiters in a recruitment agency. That is where we became aware of an important problem: the process for recruiting event personnel is long, complex, and costly!”

With no time to lose, at the end of 2015, before they had even received their diplomas in Event Marketing and Brand Business Development, Cyril Cattaneo and Laura Domenech, decided to create their start-up “Booking Hôtesses”, a revolutionary new way to recruit staff for events. Recognising the project’s potential, KEDGE BS’s Business Nursery picked up the project as part of its incubator and worked with the two alumni to best develop their start-up. 

Based on the same principle as UBER, the service creates a link, in real time, between recruiters and qualified personnel for event hosting positions and for other events: street marketing, sales events, event and corporate hosting… “Reactivity is the core of our business. We offer geo-localised and immediate bookings throughout France”, explains Cyril. This also provides a number of advantages for job seekers, who no longer have to search for a job and can work whenever and wherever they want. Once they’ve signed up on, they receive job offers directly on their mobile phone, which they can either accept or decline.

“We are starting with the event hosting sector, but soon we are going to expand to other temp fields thanks to our partnership with Adecco, a worldwide leader in HR. Our firsts collaborations during the EURO 2016 and the Fashion Week were a huge success” Laura explains. The future is looking bright for the company, which aims to expand broadly, notably by conducting a fundraising operation.

Today, Booking Hôtesses has more than 3,000 subscribers looking for positions all over France, and the service has already been pre-ordered by more than 150 recruiters, including several major accounts.

Are you an alumnus and want to support our two alumni (by partnering with their start-up or contributing to their fundraising operation)? Or are you a student looking for hosting jobs? In any case, don’t hesitate to follow Booking Hôtesses.



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