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As a KEDGE graduate, I paid my company's apprenticeship tax to KEDGE

As a graduate of the school, you can help Kedgers in their employability and their personal goals by participating in the new campaign to collect the apprenticeship tax. This is what Benjamin, a 2005 graduate, did.

Benjamin Bitton graduated from KEDGE Business School's Grande Ecole Programme in 2005 and he joined 2CFinance, a company that specialises in advising corporate finance departments in 2013. In 2021, Benjamin chose KEDGE to be the recipient of his company's apprenticeship tax. He agreed to answer a few questions to convince you that if you’re a KEDGE graduate, you too have the power to help our students.

Benjamin, you are currently Managing Partner at 2CFinance. Can you tell us a bit about its activities and achievements?

Founded in 2009, 2CFinance is a financial consulting firm for growth companies and start-ups. With some 50 employees and more than 800 assignments completed, the firm specialises in Transaction Services and Part-Time Administrative and Financial Management. Its primary role is to "advise investors and managers to assess and improve the quality and performance of corporate finance departments". For more than 10 years, 2CFinance has been advising investment funds, company managers, shareholders and potential buyers in the course of equity transactions (acquisitions, disposals, fund-raising, spin-offs, and carve-outs), and entrepreneurs (start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs) with services that are appropriate to their needs.

Every year, companies registered in France are required to pay an apprenticeship tax which supports educational institutions like KEDGE. Why did you choose to pay it to your former school rather than to another? 

We now have two KEDGE graduates among our partners. Thomas Lacote (Class of 2005) and I met while attending KEDGE. We like to recruit graduates to our teams; it's a fair turnabout. Allocating KEDGE as the recipient of our apprenticeship tax seemed to be an obvious choice.

Why do you think it is important to support internships for young people? Do you employ interns in your company?

Working on training and talent initiatives at France Digitale and French Tech Grand Paris, 2CFinance wants to provide what support it can. Supporting internships at a school like KEDGE is just one of the ways in which we can participate. 

Any last thing you’d like to say or a message to pass on to the 70,000 graduates and students of your school? 👩🏼🎓

"KEDGE has been and will continue to be a key step in our growth as future entrepreneurs, we are thrilled to continue to contribute to its success."

KEDGE's Corporate Relations Department, through its Director Christophe Mouysset, extends a warm thanks to this graduate who has chosen to invest in his school by allocating the apprenticeship tax to KEDGE. 


What is the apprenticeship tax?

The apprenticeship tax contributes to the financing of internships and higher education. All companies with more than one employee must pay this tax before the 31st of May each year, however, it has the unique feature that companies can choose the recipients of this tax. So choose KEDGE BS!

As a graduate, how can you contribute? 

If your company is registered in France, then you can participate - no matter what your role in the company is - in the success of your school's campaign by acting as an :

  • Influencer (by reaching out to your network or sharing this link on LinkedIn (for example))
  • Decision-maker (by suggesting KEDGE be allocated as the recipient for your company)
  • Payor (if you are the one responsible for handling these matters in your company) 


A forwarded email, a message to your company's financial department, a memo to the Management Committee, an email to HR, a suggestion to your employees - any gesture on your part will contribute to the success of this campaign.





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