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Alice Robert: an inspiring career in Supply Chain, from KEDGE and at the heart of our partner SAIPOL, a subsidiary of Avril!

Alice Robert stands out for her exemplary career path, from her academic career to her crucial role within the supply chain of one of AVRIL's subsidiaries, a major partner in particular for its CSR approach.

🎓 Alice Robert, a KEDGE graduate with an inspiring supply chain career path

Alice, a graduate of KEDGE Business School, is now Production Planning and S&OP Process Manager at Avril. 👏

After a Bac+4 in international business, punctuated by enriching experiences abroad: a year of study in Toronto, and a strategic internship with a forwarding agent in England, it was at this point that Alice plunged into the world of the supply chain.

🎓 Alice joined KEDGE's MSc in Global Supply Chain Management to hone her skills and cultivate her expertise. This comprehensive training, with its in-depth knowledge, captivating case studies and consulting assignments, has given Alice all the keys she needs to develop and take on responsibilities in Supply Chain .

Her participation in the Global Supply Chain Management Forum was a turning point for Alice. A meeting! She was able to talk to the human resources manager at a L'Oréal plant, who opened the door to an internship opportunity. This experience introduced her to production planning, S&OP and Demand & Supply Planning within various entities of the cosmetics giant. 💅

🚀 After more than a decade of success at L'Oréal, Alice felt the desire to explore other horizons. That's how she joined SAIPOL, a subsidiary of Avril, in October 2021.

🌱 Alice joins the teams of our partner: SAIPOL, subsidiary of Avril

SAIPOL, the French leader in vegetable oils, resonates deeply with Alice's values: respect for the environment, the development of local supply chains, and a commitment to a collective and inclusive future. 🤝

As Production Planning and S&OP Process Manager at SAIPOL, Alice and her team of three are at the heart of operations. Their mission: to align sales targets with internal production capacities to achieve ambitious financial results. A strategic role requiring analytical skills and a holistic view of the supply chain.

Alice's responsibilities go far beyond simple planning. She arbitrates production priorities, provides inventory visibility and actively participates in SAIPOL's operational improvement projects. Her day-to-day work requires sharp analytical skills, strategic vision and the ability to navigate a constantly changing environment. 🚀

💬 Any advice for KEDGE graduates and students?

"My advice is to find out as much as possible about Supply Chain professions. There are some great professions to discover: varied, exciting and rewarding. It's also important to always be curious, to want to keep learning, and even why not, dare to change business sectors, to get out of your comfort zone."

"I love my job and the Supply Chain. I'll be contributing to medium- and long-term projects, and developing optimization solutions to best support SAIPOL's ambitions. Me and my team build and follow plans that are as optimized as possible, we also manage operational hazards and find solutions to limit customer impact and costs. I'm never bored, and every day brings new challenges 😊 "

🤝 Focus Partner

Avril is the industrial and financial leader in the French vegetable oil and protein sector. Created on the initiative of the agricultural world, the Group has based its growth for 40 years on a unique value-creation model: it reinvests all profits in the industry, in favor of the French Farm.

AVRIL and KEDGE have just signed a partnership agreement in line with the values of our Kedge school, particularly with regard to CSR. Avril's involvement and expertise in teaching, their financial support with a donation to help our students in difficulty, and the job opportunities , particularly with the Supply Chain population (Isli), are major assets for the impact on our student community.


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