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After the huge success of his first documentary, Clément Pourtal (KEDGE alumni) is embarking on a new adventure!

A KEDGE graduate with a passion for the ocean, Clément is embarking on the creation of his new documentary on marine protection: The Blue Quest Palawan. In 2020, his first documentary won the Gold Trophy at the Deauville Green Awards.

The Blue Quest Palawan is the name of the future self-produced documentary by Clément and his team.


The objective? To highlight the marine protection projects in Palawan and the people who work there. But before launching definitively, the project needs'a maximum of support

The action of The Blue Quest

The Blue Quest meets marine protection projects to highlight their solutions and the people who work there. To do this, the team produces documentaries and creates free professional content for them, which is essential to make their actions known.


The last documentary The Blue Quest Baja California has allowed to make known the actions of several marine protection projects in Mexico. Golden trophy at the Deauville Green Awards and awarded in several other festivals, it allowed to bring these messages worldwide.


Thanks to its actions, The Blue Quest is now an ambassador for Pure Ocean and Marine Conservation Institute. For this second documentary, KEDGE Business School joins the project and becomes a partner. Just like the eco-responsible surfing brand Nomads Surfing founded by Nicolas Thyebaut, also a KEDGE graduate.

Clément, can you tell us more about this second documentary "The Blue Quest Palawan" ?

This year, it is in the Philippines that we go, and more particularly on the island of Palawan, located in the heart of the coral triangle. The objective is always the same: to go and meet marine protection projects and to highlight their actions and the people who work there. There is no lack of initiatives there! Here are some of those we will meet:

  • The Sulubaaï Foundation which restores marine ecosystems by creating protected areas managed by local communities. We will join Frédéric Tardieu and his team on the island of Pangatalan and we will also see the SHAMA project supported by Pure Ocean. 
  • The Tubbataha Nature Reserve, a coral atoll with a unique biodiversity listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will live a few days in the observation station with the rangers to follow them in their protection actions. We will also meet "Mama Ranger", the director of this exemplary reserve which has received the Blue Park label from the Marine Conservation Institute.
  • C3 (Community Centered Conservation), an international NGO specialized in the protection of natural habitats and the communities that live there. In Palawan, the local branch is helping communities to protect one of the last habitats of an emblematic species, the dugong.

We are going to make a new documentary to share the work of the people we met, and to broadcast it for free. We will then go further, always with the idea of helping projects and reaching as many people as possible: Diffusion in festivals and during private and public events, national and international conference cycles, setting up several photo exhibitions, etc.

Support and participate in the project

To carry out this project, Clément and his team need a maximum of support. A campaign of participative financing is available.

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