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A photographer, the creator of two magazines, A Product Manager… learn more about an exceptional KEDGE BS alumnus!

There are some people who are so passionate, so creative, and so prolific, that one job isn’t enough to keep them satisfied! Jean-Pierre Valery, ESC 2014 graduate, is an Alumnus with a rich LinkedIn profile!


After receiving his diploma, Jean-Pierre took off for Montreal to work as a Community Manager for the famous video game development and publishing company, Gameloft. There, he worked on publicising the release of successful games such as UNO & Friends, or Rival Knights on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. His hard work contributed to the undeniable commercial success of Dungeon Hunter 5, which led to him being promoted to Product Manager in 2016.

But, as if his new responsibilities weren’t enough for him, in parallel, Jean-Pierre co-founded, in 2013, the magazine VYSUAL, dedicated to creativity and inspiration, and in 2015, the magazine Drones Nation, which today has become a francophone reference when it comes to drones. The two magazines, which he still manages today, have received support from Google and Microsoft via sponsorships and bring together an audience of around 24K people every month.

It should be pointed out, you see, that our alumnus, a real jack of all trades, is also passionate and creative:

“Photography, music, video… I have to satisfy my creative appetite and my tendency to be hyperactive”. Before all this, he was also the President and Founder of an independent record label, worked as a freelance social media and web development consultant, as an assistant brand manager… In short, Jean-Pierre won't sit still. 

Recently, he published his first photo book, after travelling 7,051 km in the United States and crossing 17 States. The 126-page long book provides a glimpse into the vastness of the United States. A quasi-naturalist, but mostly an emotional vision.

His advice for future KEDGE BS graduates?  “Got for it! No one is going to wait for you to get started. Don’t be afraid to start projects, big and small. Don’t be afraid of failure. Seek out what gives you a thrill in life and indulge yourself.” A word to the wise…


To learn more about his different activities:


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