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A Kedger has won the 52nd edition of the Solitaire du Figaro sailing competition!

KEDGE Bachelor and MSc International Trade & Logistics graduate Pierre Quiroga has just won the 52nd edition of the Solitaire du Figaro sailing race.


"I still can't get over it, I think it will stay in my heart for a long time. Most of all, it's a solo race full of pleasure: pleasure on the water, pleasure of the courses... and that makes the victory much more beautiful." Those were the first words spoken by Pierre Quiroga on the evening of Thursday, 16 September, after his victory in the 52nd edition of the oldest French race.

A passion and victories

The champion was born on 14 September 1992 in Brest but spent his childhood in Marseille where he discovered his passion for sailing at the age of 9. It was obvious from the very beginning that he was a natural. It met his competitive streak in sports but also gave him a feeling of freedom. "I started my first lesson on a Wednesday and the following Sunday I entered my first Optimist regatta… which I won! I've never stopped sailing since," said Pierre.

Passionate about sailing, he completed his studies in sports studies so he could devote himself entirely to his sport. After earning his bachelor degree, he got a master in International Trade and Logistics from KEDGE. In the meantime, he continued to sail. Throughout his career, he has won numerous titles (seven French championships and two world championships). 

his trophieS


Winning a coveted title

This was the crowning achievement for our skipper who, at the age of 29 and at the end of the 6th attempt, managed to take first place in the Solitaire du Figaro. After winning two of the four stages (the second and third stages) he finished 48 minutes 22 seconds ahead of his second-place rival.



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