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A KEDGE graduate is launching an app to win cash by playing video games!

The subject is attracting growing interest from the press. In recent years, eSport – the term referring to LAN or online video gaming – has become an enormous business that is largely financed by sponsors. It is now possible to win cash by playing. After studying this global movement, Stanley Baudu (ESC 2010) created BeatMe, an app aimed at all gamers.


Born on sunny Reunion Island, Stanley has had the opportunity to live and travel in many different parts of the world. He studied for the competitive entry exam in Nice before joining the Marseille campus of KEDGE Business School in 2006. He worked in Paris for his placement year, before flying to Columbia, where he completed his last term. During this period, he travelled round Latin America with his father. Stanley then decided to experience the ever-popular Australian adventure with a one-year working holiday visa.


In 2011, he returned to Paris where he occupied the posts of Key Account Manager, then New Business Director with Synomia, a consultancy specialising in marketing data.


Stanley has always loved football and is chair of the association "Les Verts à Ballon". He is also hooked on FIFA or PES type video games. Always on the look-out for the latest entrepreneurial trends, Stanley decided to leave his job with Synomia in April 2016. Three months later, he created BeatMe, an app reflecting all his passions.



BeatMe is a mobile app dedicated to eSport that rewards players when they win a one-on-one or team match on their games consoles or PC. Specifically, with this app, you can challenge players to a FIFA game (and all other video games in the future). Once you're connected, you can start playing! At the end of the BeatMe match, the loser can pay €5, of which €4.50 for the winner and €0.50 for BeatMe to cover organisational expenses. The fairer your approach in paying the winner at the end of the match, the more likely you are to be connected to players that pay as much as you do.


To promote the launch of the app, BeatMe has opened a crowd-funding campaign. It has already collected more than half of the target sum, and the campaign is open until 16 December. Would you like to help Stanley?




"The teaching body and personalised course content offered by KEDGE Business School really make you want to try out your entrepreneurial skills," explains Stanley.

"But the most important thing is to want to be an entrepreneur. My experience as partnership manager with the association Accede (the school entrepreneurial association), gave me the necessary motivation."


Further reflecting his competitive spirit, Stanley adds: "I challenge all KEDGE students to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills. All those who take up the challenge will receive €5 credit on the BeatMe app!" Your turn to play!




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