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A KEDGE Alumni has joined the Advertising Ethics Council as Head of Coordination

Bertrand Espitalier, a 1999 KEDGE graduate and member of the KEDGE Alumni Board of Directors, has just been appointed Head of Coordination within at the Advertising Ethics Council.

As an associated authority for planning and analysis, CEP's mission is to keep the ARPP (Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité - the French advertising self-regulatory organisation) on the rapid changes in sensitivities and the fragmentation of values in society, which significantly complicate the ethical debate

Designed to act as a watchdog as well as a spur to enable the self-regulatory system to continuously improve and remain in line with the expectations of civil society, CEP alerts the ARPP to the questions of ethics and responsibility that may arise in relation to the content, publication, and distribution of advertising, as well as its acceptability by society. The Council's members debate the major current and future issues of the advertising industry, in particular maintaining the freedom necessary for its creativity while remaining vigilant about the effectiveness of the professional regulation system.

Made up of equal numbers of independent experts (Dominique Wolton, President of the CEP and Director of Research at the CNRS; Zysla Belliat, Associate Professor at the University of Panthéon-Assas; Myriam Boucharenc, University Professor; Laurence Devillers, Professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Sorbonne University and Holder of a CNRS Chair; Cristina Lindenmeyer, Psychoanalyst, HDR Professor at the University of Paris 7 Diderot; Pierre-Marie LLedo, Neurobiologist, Head of the "Perception and Memory" Laboratory at the Pasteur Institute; Pascale Marie, Media and Public Affairs Consultant; and Natalie Rastoin, Senior Advisor at Little Wing) and professionals (François d'Aubert, President of ARPP; Albert Asseraf, CEO JCDecaux France; Pascal Couvry, Founder of the Madame Bovary communications agency; Denis Gancel, President and Founder, W&Cie; Clémence Gosset, Director of Consumer Communication and CSR Strategy at L'Oréal; Thierry Libaert, Head of Sustainable Development at EDF and advisor to the European Economic and Social Committee; and Gérard Unger, Director of Médiatransports), the CEP is a forum for critical debate on advertising ethics.

The CEP represents a wholly unique institutional innovation amongst the European advertising self-regulation mechanisms.

In order to better understand the role of the CEP, we encourage you to learn about the advice given on the latest ethical issues in advertising in the CEP's "Cahiers" series (in French only): 


We additionally suggest the publication "Avis à la pub" which includes 22 opinions published by the CEP between 2005 and 2015 (in French only 


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