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8 Kedgers who are a hit on social networks!

Youtuber, twitto, blogger, instagramer, and a digital specialist -- discover the profiles of eight KEDGE alumni who have become influencers.

In the digital age, becoming a social media star seems to tempt many people. In fact, influencers are followed by lots Internet users looking for good tips and advice. KEDGE Alumni is zooming in on eight Kedgers that have managed to win in this universe (plus a small bonus at the end of article 😉 ).


#1 JC Pieri – Film director & autodidactic photographer

With over 134k followers on Instagram, and 28k followers on Youtube, JC Pieri is an experienced photographer and director. His passion for photography came from his practice of mountain biking and BMX, which he did professionally for several years.

He specialised in producing travel videos and advertising. The latter gave him an awareness of the impact of global warming on the landscapes he filmed and photographed.

Now he has branched out, doing commercials, clips, and documentaries (including an eco-video in Iceland with KEDGE). JC loves to discover and explore. After having visited over 50 countries and doing high-quality work, he wants to give redirect his career and use his notoriety and influence to raise awareness in the community about preserving the environment.


#2 Vin Stache – Youtuber, popularisation of wine

Are you a wine lover or just curious? Go for it! With over 30k Youtube followers, Vin Stache is a recent channel on the “popularisation of the fascinating world that is a little too elitist that is wine”.

Loïc Geoffray had founded Vin Stache. A wine lover, he holds a Master in Wine and Spirits Management from KEDGE Business School. In August 2017, he decided to jump on Youtube bandwagon by creating his own channel. His videos are meant to be amusing, but also educational. “I want to stand out from the elitist and rigid side of this sector,” said Loïc.


A specialised channel that is worth a visit, Loïc makes wine accessible to all!


#3 Cyrus North – Youtuber, philosophical educator

391k followers on Youtube, 58k on Twitter and 22.7k on Instagram, just that! His name is Cyrus North, taken from his true name Cyrus. He describes himself as a "Philosophical Youtube Educator". Passionate about philosophy since his senior year of high school, he began attending the KEDGE campus in Bordeaux before his debut on the Internet, which he launched year before his programme ended.

In 2013, he launched his Youtube channel with the aim of explaining complex philosophical concepts in a simple and humorous way. The objective is simple: “Think about what you have in your head, but don’t lose your head about it.”

In addition to philosophy, this influencer amazes his audience every day through such varied content as political issues, sketches, experiences, and his travels.


#4 Jenna MZN – Fashion and lifestyle blogger

A 23-year-old graduate, Jenna has over 61k Instagram followers. In love with the South, this young influencer shares her daily discoveries on fashion, beauty, and décor, mainly through her Instagram account and her blog.

A former resident of Montpellier and Marseille, she now lives in Aix en Provence. Recently, Jenna created a pair of boots in collaboration with the well-known brand André. “I created this pair according to my tastes […] These boots are totally me! I love its rock side! Leather is chic and elegant,” she said.

Voir cette publication sur Instagram

Une publication partagée par Jenna MZN | Aix - Marseille📍 (@jenna.mzn) le 


#5 Bruno Maltor – Travel influencer

With 224k followers on Instagram, and 114k on Youtube, Bruno Maltor is one of todays most followed travel influencers from France. Daring, he refused permanent contract at TF1 in 2014 in order to devote himself to his passion by creating his blog “Votre Tour du Monde” (Your Tour of the World). The gamble was risky, but was successful as he is now considered to be a leader in the travel industry.

Authentic and smiling, Bruno appears daily on Youtube and Instagram, where he offers extremely qualitative content with images that will take your breath away. 

Last May, he formed a partnership with KEDGE to shoot two videos showcasing the Bordeaux and Marseille campuses.


#6 Arnaud Montagard – Freelance photographer

With more than 86.9k followers on Instagram, and almost 21k on Facebook, Arnaud Montagard is a young French photographer, and has been based in New York for several years.

After getting his bac, Arnaud left Auvergne to attend KEDGE Marseille. He got acquainted with New York City during an internship. When he returned to Marseille, Arnaud began taking photos in addition to his courses, and even got involved in several shootings. After he graduated, it was quite natural for him to leave business to work in photography, first in Paris and then in New York, the perfect choice for a street art fan. See his photos either on his website or his Instagram account. 

“My courses were far from my passion, but gave me the chance to travel. I spent six months in China and two years in New York. At the time I was already fan of graffiti. I bought my first camera in order to capture this street art in all its forms. That’s when my passion of photography became my business,” he said. - Le Magazine.

See Arnaud’s latest expositions: 

  • GALERIE LOUIS GENDRE, Chamalières, FR, 2019 
  • SAATCHI GALLERY, London, UK, 2018
  • THE HOXTON HOTEL, Paris, FR, 2018
Voir cette publication sur Instagram

Une publication partagée par Arnaud Montagard (@arnaudmontagard) le 


#7 Emmanuel Vivier – Digital expert

With 20.5k followers on Twitter, and 14.7k followers on LinkedIn, Emmanuel Vivier is author and expert in digital transformation/ digital marketing. “Business transformation is a vast and complex subject that is constantly changing at the technological, human, and financial levels […] It is exciting to watch, decrypt, and share innovations, key trends, and good practices in the midst of what can be a global chaos that is filled with jargon,” he explained.

He is the co-founder of HUB Institute. With to a dedicated team of experts headed by Sandrine Matichard, the site annually publishes:

  • +600 articles on decryption published on the web and in a magazine
  • 650 videos with more than 1 million views on different social networks
  • 15 trend studies
  • 40 conferences, such as the HUBFORUMthat brings together over 3,000 leaders
  • A daily and weekly newsletter, with 8,000 and 50,000 subscribers respectively.

Despite its modest size (about thirty employees), this content strategy makes it possible be connected to HUB Institute website, which has no less than 75,000 visitors per month!


#8 Lénadorable – Lifestyle Youtuber

A student in the Grand Ecole Programme at KEDGE, Léna has over 47k Youtube followers and about 8,500 Instagram followers. She started making videos in 2016, giving advice to students and sharing her tips for successful studies and managing student life.

“I try to have a positive impact on my generation by sharing advice, especially to make my followers want to follow through on their ambitions, believe in their dreams, and reach them,” she said.

Her Youtube channel lets her collaborate with many brands, including SNFC, Kusmi Tea, Digischool, as well as the brands of Kedgers such as Belize Bijoux, of which she is the ambassador. Through quality work, Lena is already approaching 50k subscribers.


#Bonus Jérôme Jarre – Humanitarian influencer

We know what you are going to tell us... Yes, Jérôme Jarre is not a graduate, but he did study at KEDGE. This influencer is now well known and he has a considerable number followers on all social on networks: 990k on Youtube, 1.5m on Twitter, and more than 1.5m on Instagram.

In 2013, Jérôme made a name for himself on Vine. He now is one of the most followed personalities on the Internet with more than 7 million fans, which has opened the doors of television, both in France with Canal+, and in the United States where he was invited to appear on the Ellen Degeneres show.

In 2017, Jérôme visited the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh accompanied by many celebrities such as Mister V, Le Grand JD, and Omar Sy. The purpose of the trip was to raise public awareness of the plight of the Rohingya, a minority Muslim population from Burma fleeing ethnic cleansing. Through social networks, Jerome launched the “Love Army”, and called on the Turkish President to set up humanitarian aid. Faced with the silence of big companies, the Love Army has launched an online fundraiser. More than 2 million euros will be collected. 


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