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Two kedgers at the head of a start-up dedicated to local businesses  

Founded by two KEDGE graduates, is the first national platform intended for local shop owners.

At a time of mass consumption, it is no small matter to hear that the real values and exchanges of yesteryear are being lost. Small businesses are closing down because they no longer have the business, and their number of customers has changed. Villages are finding themselves without any businesses, and the situation is not getting any better. Moreover, with the advent of digital technology, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the changes it generates and is a new disruptive element for those shopkeepers who are passionate about their business.


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This is the reason why Jonathan and Maxime, both sons of shopkeepers, created The two founders met while at KEDGE in 2007 on the Bordeaux campus. Together, they found that many independent merchants have little digital presence. The two kedgers then tried to understand how to increase their visibility while promoting their business to consumers. After many discussions with business owners in Paris, the site was created and is hailed is “the first national website destined for independent local business owners”.

A simple mission

The goal is to help independent traders enlarge their customer base by focusing on both digital technology and the real values of their trade, while raising consumers' awareness of local businesses. It is clear that we would all like to consume more locally, more responsibly, more environmentally-friendly, and more authentic, but time and pace of life we lead does not make it easy for us. Thanks to the stores, merchants in your area are better known and have a space to promote their business and their know-how.

“We are very optimistic. Consumers are returning to local, responsible, and above all, meaningful consumption. And who could be more authentic than an independent business owner! We also believe in the future of physical commerce in general, customers need human contact, and again, the independent is ahead of the big brands.” Jonathan Chelet -

In 2019, the company helped more than 250 merchants with their digital technology needs, and created the first community of consumers who made the choice to use independent businesses! With appearances in the press and television, has a good reputation and does not hesitate to call on its community to enrich its network and make it ever more real.

Do you know small businesses with a great story to tell? Recommend them right here:




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