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This Kedger has created an app for communicating through music!

Fahed Bacheikh has created app that lets you to share what you have in mind with music via excerpts!

After several years as a business developer for an American multinational in the industrial sector, Fahed Bacheikh decided to take a step back on his career to give it some momentum. "I was interested in KEDGE’s BS EMBA Global Programme, because I had a real desire to begin and change my perspective," he said. Because of both of his professional and personal activities, Fahed has spent much of his life traveling. In April 2016, after having returned from a professional trip in North Africa, he came up with the idea to create a tool that would allow people to use musical references to express themselves. "Something I often do with my brothers, is to take a line of a film we know well, or song lyrics [...] Music has taken a significant dimension in all forms of media, and social networks are no exception. That’s how the Djamm mobile app was born," Fahed explained.


The app not only lets you communicate via song excerpts, but you can search for the extracts that best express what you want to say. Djamm is therefore a music search engine by itself. The app finds musical content for you and offers it to you. Fahed is the CEO of Djamm SAS, along with his partner, co-founder and CPO Florian Sellier. Both French and English versions of the app will be available in May on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. In the short term, the team wants to launch the second version of Djamm, which will incorporate a new feature (the "Djambox") that will allow "Djammers" to discover exclusive new talents who can promote their creations themselves.


Fahed, anything else to add?

It was during "BUSINESS MODEL DESIGN" module, my first in the MBA program, that I decided to put my idea into action. (Many of my peers from the MBA took the same decision). I told myself, "Stop congratulating yourself for having the ideas that others actually act upon. That’s not enough, you have to act!” So, my project gradually took shape as the program progressed. I was able to use entrepreneurial issues as business cases for my exams on several teaching modules (marketing management, corporate strategy, innovation strategy, etc.), and combine usefulness and enjoyability! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to take part in this project and invest in Djamm! Everything remains to be done, but as a team everything is possible. Finally, I encourage all Kedgers to download the app!




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