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This Kedger fights the isolation of seniors through technology

2011 KEDGE graduate, Nelly Meunier is the founder of Cordon and Sunday, President of the “Les Bordelais” association, and winner of the “Be a Boss” competition.

A native of Bordeaux, Nelly Meunier has the drive to set up businesses. She studied at the IUT Business Management and Administration of Bordeaux and then, through a university exchange, Nelly obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at Napier University in Edinburgh. She started at KEDGE Bordeaux in 2008 to earn a Master’s in Management as well as a Master’s of Business and International Commerce.

Wanting to set up a business in technology, she joined Danone in New York as a Trade Marketer and then started working as a Marketing Manager for Orange Business Services, also in New York. This step gave her a better understanding of the technology business in the United States before returning to France to launch her first start-up: WondrWorld (a social network for travellers).

In 2015, she cofounded the Hopen Project, which uses innovation to create social change. Her first enterprise, called Cordon, undertook to foster family ties. Cordon is a videoconferencing system that allows parents to receive recorded videos of their hospitalised child that must be in an incubator.

In 2016, she launched a second business called Sunday after the following observation: more than 70% of seniors are disconnected from the digital world. The aim of Sunday is to bring to life your videos and photos by sharing them on the televisions of your loved ones. Since its creation, she has reinforced her team with a new co-founder Yoann Ebrard, and the progressive recruitment of a team.

Sunday came about as a result of a personal experience two years ago. “My grandmother was in a retirement home, my sister in China, my brother in London, and I was in New-York. Since it was difficult to communicate with her, we developed an innovative solution, which became Sunday”, explained Nelly Meunier. 

Do you want to help support Sunday?

Go to Ulule, the crowd-funding platform for financing businesses for more information. The pre-orders campaign for Sunday lasts until 6 November 2018. There 115 orders have already been received out of a goal of 150. Links can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.  

"Tell those around you about us! We need your support to reach our goal before the 6th of November!” The Sunday team


In 2017, Sunday won the Silver Academy's national competition. Nelly Meunier also won the “Be a Boss” competition for Female Entrepreneurship and Techstars at the CES in Las Vegas. Additionally, Sunday is one of the winners of the #10000Startups to change the world competition.


Nelly also founded, in April 2015, Les Bordelais, an association that connects job seekers with digital companies in Bordeaux. Two years later, the association is composed of 10,000 members and nearly 25 volunteers, who bring it alive daily.


"We continue to develop Sunday and Cordon to bring even more happiness to people. Innovation can be a force for good when it is used wisely. Sunday will be available to the general public for Christmas. A huge challenge! This is the first time in my life that the product of my imagination will be on sale in department stores like Boulanger! It is a real milestone in the life of a business.

Bravo to this KEDGE alumna for her incredible journey!



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