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Led by a Kedger, EULEOS is the first interim management community to become a member of the Communauté des Entreprises à Mission!

Emmanuel Jean (Class of 1994) Managing Director, Sales Director, and Network Director is a Business Partner at EULEOS: the first interim management community focused on “The Sharing Economy”.

Emmanuel Jean has lived in several regions around the world (Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America), working for both French and foreign companies for more than twenty years. Those experiences helped shape his expertise in retail, project management, consulting, and real estate. "As a company director and member of management committees over the years, I’ve had to manage many diverse and very different teams. Teams without which I would never have been able to reach all my goals. I’ve also been an entrepreneur for a few years now, with side activities as a trainer and volunteer business consultant in national networks. I’m proud to have carried the school's colours to the four corners of the world, and I approach my life and relationships as a true citizen of the world.


EULEOS is the 1st Transition Management Company to become a "Mission Company".

EULEOS, the first TMC in the economy of the common good, has taken a big step by becoming a Mission Company and is now part of the Communauté des Entreprises à Mission (Community of Mission Companies).

2020 was an extremely testing year for everyone. At EULEOS, we’ve joined forces because we have mutual core values: people first, co-construction, and collaborative work. This is the reason why, in 2020, we conducted collective reflection work that resulted in our raison d’être:


More equity for more humanity:

With aim of continuing this approach in 2021, becoming a mission-based company was a given. We discussed it at our 2021 kick-off meeting and the team took a collective decision to join. Our commitments and their KPIs were then formalised in writing as follows:

  • For our clients: encourage them towards responsible entrepreneurship’
  • For our employees: uncover the potential of each person to give them a sense of purpose;
  • In terms of our stakeholders: apply the principles of the common good economy;
  • In terms of governance: support the civic engagement of our teams. The EULEOS adventure continues!


About EULEOS :

EULEOS, the first interim management community for the common good, is a company of entrepreneurs in the Sharing Economy and is partnered with the leaders of SMIs, SMEs, and ETIs. We have a team of some twenty Business Partners with a variety of complementary backgrounds and skills, located throughout France. We offer pragmatic and operational support to individuals and teams, both full- or part-time.



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