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KEDGE is reinforcing its commitment to the preservation of marine biodiversity by supporting the NGO Pure Ocean

As an original, sustainable, and inclusive school, KEDGE has placed sustainable development at the core of its priorities.

To further its CSR approach, and in accordance with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, KEDGE has decided to eliminate the promotional gifts offered to candidates during the recruitment period for new students. It will instead support Pure Ocean, an endowment fund dedicated to marine biodiversity. The school has signed a sponsorship agreement with the NGO, and will donate the amount usually allocated for the purchase of these giveaways.


The school has decided to no longer offer promotional gifts ("goodies)" to eligible candidates who sat the oral exams, and instead donate the 20,000 euros normally allocated for this expense to Pure Ocean. The Pure Ocean’s mission is to support applied research projects to increase scientific knowledge about the oceans, with the goal of preserving marine biodiversity in the fight against global warming. 

The endowment fund was chosen by KEDGE to be the beneficiary of the funds raised by a charity raid held as part of the school's first intercampus e-sport challenge - KEDGGAMES. 5,000 euros were raised for the NGO, bringing the total amount of monies donated to Pure Ocean to 25,000 euros.

Committed to a long-term and sustainable approach, KEDGE has also signed a sponsorship agreement with the fund to support actions for the preservation of fragile marine ecosystems.

In addition to these activities, and within the agenda of KEDGE IMPAKT, the strategic project that brings together all the initiatives aimed at increasing its societal and environmental impacts, thus working to reduce its own carbon footprint. It is also engaged in biodiversity conservation. A number of actions and stances have been adopted, such as a presentation to the National Forum on Biodiversity and the Economy, whose objective is to motivate companies to support biodiversity, and the signing of the “Entreprise engagée pour la nature” (Companies Committed to Nature" charter.

The school also supports the Nature 2050 programme, more precisely its CasCioMar project, which aims to repopulate the shallow waters of the Calanques of Cassis-La Ciotat-Marseille with marine life and in the build-up of more than 100,000m2 of the seabed.



About Pure Ocean :

Pure Ocean is an endowment fund based in Marseille. It mobilises civil societies, both in France and abroad, in order to support ambitious innovative applied research projects to protect fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Pure Ocean’s Scientific Committee is made up of five scientists globally recognised for their expertise in the ocean and climate. It selects research projects via an international call for projects of universities and or NGOs.



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