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Interview with Luc, a Kedger living in Wellington (NZ)

Our two "KEDGE Alumni Travel" Pro-act students are currently in New Zealand, where they have gone to meet alumni living abroad.

  • CLASS OF: 2010
  • POSITION: Product Manager
  • COMPANY: Salesforce
  • LENGTH OF TIME LIVING ABROAD: 7 years in Wellington




  • Hello Luc! To start, please give us a quick introduction.

Hello. My name is Luc Bouillier. I was in the Class of 2010 of KEDGE Bordeaux. I’m currently Product Manager for Salesforce in Wellington, New Zealand.


  • What does your job entail? What are your duties?

Salesforce has several major products, all of which are focused on marketing, sales, and client services. I’m responsible for one of these categories for New Zealand. My job is mainly to ensure the growth of revenues in this product category according to the previous fiscal year. So, it’s pretty much a business position with a marketing dimension to make it better known to our new clients.


  • Tell us about your time at KEDGE? What did you study?

I did the International BBA programme, over five years, at KEDGE Bordeaux, which I attended after my bac. After a year and a half at the school, I left to do my first university exchange in England. For my third year, I did an internship with Nestlé in London. For my Masters, I specialised in Global Business. I started it at the same partner university in England, then completed it in Bordeaux.


  • How did KEDGE help you develop and reach your goals?

Our studies at KEDGE give us the chance to acquire a solid foundation in terms of business management, providing firm knowledge regarding the working world, and preparing us to confront diverse professional problems.

During my time in London, I was able to understand that our time in school brings us a larger way of thinking. We understand how our acts will affect the entire company. I think that my training at KEDGE helped me advance very quickly in business.



  • How long have you lived abroad?

I’ve lived in Wellington, in New Zealand, for seven years now!


  • What were your reasons for moving to Auckland?

I met my wife abroad; she’s is originally from New Zealand. That’s the reason I decided to move here.

When I came to New Zealand, I had a Working Holiday Visa, but didn’t have a job. At first it was difficult to find work, especially in the business sector. I finally found a job in the IT sector, which led me to my current job with Salesforce.


  • What surprised you the most about this country?

The working hours! On average, everyone works from 9 :00 am and 5 :00 pm every day. There is a good balance between a person’s professional life and their personal one. People are passionate about sports and fully take advantage of life. That’s somewhat different than the French system.


  • What are your future plans?

For the moment my wife and I foresee staying in Wellington as long as possible. However, if a job opportunity presents itself that offers more in terms of my career, it would be Singapore or Sydney, two cities where Salesforce has a strong presence.


  • Is there another country in which you would like to live, and why?

I’d say France, or a French-speaking country. At the end of the day, I’ve never worked in France and I wouldn’t be unhappy to have the chance to experience our beautiful French culture.



We met Luc when we were in Wellington, New Zealand. Class of 2010 graduate from KEDGE Bordeaux, Luc is now Product Manager at Salesforce.  . . . . . . #wellington #newzealand #nz #interview #travelproject #travel #kedgebs #kedgealumni #kedgebordeaux #kedgemarseille #backpackergirls; Posted by Kedge Alumni Travel (@kedgealumnitravel) on 28 July 2019 at 12:34 PDT 


  • If you could redo it, what would you change?

I think I would have thought more about my first job when I first got out of school. It’s an important first experience that feeds into our CV and skills. I was a salesman for Vodafone in Lille for three months before I was transferred to London, and it was a complicated experience in which I didn’t fully develop.

I would also have handled my arrival in Wellington better by trying to find a job before I got here. It took me a while to find a job. It was difficult at first, and if I had to do it again I would have done it differently.


  • What advice would you give to a student or recent graduate who might consider trying a similar challenge?

Living abroad is a great experience to try! Generally, as French, we are very welcoming. Foreigners love the French a lot. However, it is always easier to find work if you are specialised in a particular field, which lets you stand out from your surroundings.

I advise doing a lot of preparation before you come, asking as much as possible about the city, the country, the way of life, and, ideally, finding a job before you get here! 



Interview conducted in Wellington by Emma and Manon, KEDGE Alumni Travel Pro-Act students.





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