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Graduates, help current KEDGE students find out about your career with My Job Glasses!

Given the success of its mentoring campaign, KEDGE Alumni wanted to expand its offer of exchange between graduates and students by establishing a partnership with My Job Glasses.

More than 500 alumni took part in our last mentoring campaign, which allowed more than 250 students of your former school receive advice from experienced graduates. The sharing of your knowledge and expertise is essential for our students who, no matter which programme they are in, are thirsty for advice. Our most recent campaign, Mentoring 2018, which comes to an end on 30 June, allows students to choose a mentor from the list of graduates registered to volunteer in this project.

Given the success of this campaign, KEDGE Alumni would like to broaden its offer of exchanges between graduates and students by partnering with My Job Glasses.


What is My Job Glasses?

Created a few years ago, My Job Glasses is an online platform set up to connect :

  • students who wish to know more about the subject of a career that is particularly dear to them, and
  • professionals working for companies who wish to share their experiences


This free service has been created to meet the clear need for support by those young people in the process of graduating, who are often not satisfied with their first job. 46% of young people under 24 leave their first permanent contract before the end of the first year.  This is a huge economic loss for companies, because they must pay a year’s net salary for each resignation. It’s in the interest of the student as much as it is for the business for students to receive better guidance.


A KEDGE / My Job Glasses Alliance

Aimed to better assist our students in the career direction they want to take, the school has formed a partnership with this online platform. If you are KEDGE graduate, and you want to help young Kedgers, please sign up on the My Job Glasses website in the role of a professional. Registration starts today. KEDGE students will be able to consult the catalogue of experts registered on the website as of September 2018. After that, they will be able to contact you to set up a mentoring plan.


The strength and influence of a network is largely measured by the ability of its members to help one another. 



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Nicolas CARLIN (BEM ISLI, 1997) 04 July 2018 à 13h23

bonjour, je voudrais m?inscrire mais le lien me renvoie directement sur la page d'accueil de My Job glasses. Y a t'il un espace sur le site plus spécifique a Kedge. merci

Robin LARROZE (BEM ISLI, 2009) 04 July 2018 à 17h22

Bonjour @Nicolas CARLIN,
L'inscription se fait directement à partir du site de MyJobGlasses, sans faire de pont avec notre site. Lorsque vous créerez votre compte, votre école vous sera demandée et c'est là que vous montrerez votre appartenance au réseau KEDGE.

Renaud REYNES (EUROMED Programme Grande Ecole / ESC, 1992) 24 August 2018 à 11h42

Le mentoring tel qu'il existait auparavant est il supprimé et remplacé par cet outil?
Merci d'avance,

Elizabeth COLINEAU (BEM Programme Grande Ecole / ESC, 1989) 10 September 2019 à 08h36

Bonjour, le site me demande un code d'invitation, pouvez vous en fournir un ?

Brigitte VAN ROY (KEDGE BS Programme Grande Ecole / ESC, 1999) 10 September 2019 à 12h38

Au moment de votre inscription sur la plateforme MyJobGlasses, précisez que vous n'avez pas de code d'invitation. Si cela est bloquant, utilisez le Chat et un lien vous sera communiqué. MyJob Glasses utilise cette technique pour modérer son site. Bien cordialement

Thomas BONNAUD (BEM EBP, 1999) 16 November 2020 à 21h46

Bonjour, je suis sur la plateforme depuis un an. Engagé pour aider, conseiller et orienter les étudiants, le système est très efficace. Je devine chez les étudiants une vraie gratitude après les RV.