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After four years, this Kedger has launched datashake

After a successful career at Google, 2017 KEDGE graduate Rémy Bendayan has decided to jump ship in order to start his own media agency.

Rémy Bendayan attended the Grande Ecole Programme at KEDGE and received his degree in 2017.

This KEDGE alumnus has an unusual background. Before doing his gap year, he approached the Alumni of KEDGE for guidance when he was looking for an internship. Very quickly, Rémy was coached by an alumnus to get an internship at the European headquarters of Google (Dublin). The internship resulted in his getting a fixed-term contract, first in Dublin, then in Paris. For nearly four years, he assisted SMEs, start-ups, CAC 40 businesses, and companies in the management of their marketing strategies on Google. 

“The variety of advertisers and partners I helped let me understand multiple situations and master many sectors. Google’s working conditions are ideal to thrive and focus on what you love to do. I was able to develop my appetite for start-ups by taking part in its dedicated acceleration programme,” the entrepreneur said. is a digital and data marketing strategy consultancy. The company offers management of daily campaigns on all digital channels (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions...), occasional advice, and customised training.

We started from the observation that many advertisers don’t take advantage of the data at their disposal. As a result, their marketing campaigns are often not equal to their investments. The objective is therefore twofold: advise them in their strategy while improving the profitability of their investments.”

Hiring soon

The team is looking to expand by recruiting two Account Managers before the end of 2019. “Our goal is to increase the number of partners we work with, and to establish our position in the French market.” 

Rémy, anything else to add?

If you and your company would like guidance on your digital strategy and the management of your ad campaigns (Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.), don’t hesitate to send us a message, consult our site (, or write to us at We can carry out a free audit of your advertising accounts and make our first recommendations. 



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