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Mental load, emotions... how to make them allies for your projects ?

Although we can't avoid the stress, mental load (or overload), and emotions that come our way, especially during in times of change (looking for a job, changing jobs, changes in lifestyle, launching a freelance activity or a business...), we can learn to manage these situations and even turn them into positive assets. This is what we will learn through a simple, results-oriented self-directed coaching method. 

Interactive workshop using a pragmatic method and techniques that can be immediately employed! 

Option: You can take advantage of 1 hour of individual, personalised coaching following the workshop to go into more detail on the subject with your coach.

 🎯 Objectives

  • Understand the stress curve, the concepts of mental load and emotional intelligence
  • Helping you to identify stress signals... detect them and turn them into allies

 ⚙️ Format and practical information

Graduates looking for a job

Group workshop
+ optional 1h  individual coaching
Visio conference


  • The day before each session, you will receive a link to log in to the workshop.
  • Please check that your profile is up to date (including your contact details) to make it easier for the coach to contact you.
  • Any session that is not cancelled at least 48 hours in advance will be lost.


All workshops are interactive, confidential and non-recorded. You may receive support material before and/or after the workshop.



As a Certified Professional Coach, I spent the first 25 years of my career as a HR Director in large public and private organisations, mainly in the luxury and cultural sectors, with particular expertise in the performing arts.

My in-depth knowledge of human resources covers areas such as recruitment, social dialogue, pay policy, career management and training.

I now devote all my time and energy to helping individuals and teams achieve their professional goals, whether they are joining a new company, taking up a new post or making a career transition.

I currently run a skills assessment consultancy based in Anglet in the Basque Country. In addition to my professional coaching services, I provide consultancy and mentoring in the field of human resources.

I also provide support as a volunteer for an association that helps executives and young graduates in their job search, career transition or business start-up phase. I'm passionate about what I do and dedicated to helping people achieve their full professional potential.



📌 Rates





15 €
30 €

35 € / hour

70 € / hour
  • 15 €

    Dues-paying member
  • 30 €

    Non-dues-paying member
It remains 16 spots

Registration deadline : 13th May 2024

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