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"Living and Working in Mexico City and Sao Paulo, our graduate testimonials"

As part of our monthly "KEDGE Alumni Around the World" conference series, two graduates living in Mexico and two living in Brazil tell us about their experiences

Introduction 👋

This year, and because of the current global health crisis we are going through, the 57 international branches of KEDGE Alumni have had to adapt and now offer a series of conferences that put the spotlight on a city, a country, or a region of the world. Today, we will look at the cities of Mexico City and Sao Paulo from those who know it best: our expatriate graduates who, despite the distance, receive support from KEDGE Alumni throughout the year thanks to our range of online services.




Conference objectives 🧭

Led by the local branch managers, local graduates, and the KEDGE Alumni teams, along with the students of the Kedger Network Association, the goal of this interactive conference is to bring our graduates and students closer together while answering the questions of those Kedgers who are curious about living abroad.


Who’s this online conference for? 👤

This conference is open to all Kedgers, whether a graduate or a student. Have you already gotten your degree and dream of a change of scenery? Are you a student and want to get an internship in this region of the world? Or are you a Kedger who is simply curious to hear about the experiences of Alumni who have walked a path that is different from your own? Then this conference is for you!

Programme 📝

  • Mexico City vs Sao Paulo: two different countries and two different cities on the same continent, what do they have in common, what are their differences?

    • Introduction by the KEDGE Alumni network
    • Conversations and discussions with Alumni living in Latin America. What you need to know before choosing to live, whether temporarily or permanently, in Mexico City or Sao Paulo.
      • QUALITY OF LIFE/LEISURE ACTIVITIES:  Universities, accommodation, the healthcare system, transport, cultural spots, etc.
      • INTERNSHIPS/EMPLOYMENT/ECONOMY:  The job market, major companies, promising sectors, professional opportunities, contracts, agreements, salaries, tips on finding an internship, VIE, or job contract when you are an expatriate. 
    • ... and other good advice!
    • Questions / Answers

The conference will take place at 6:30 pm French time
- 2:30 pm Sao Paulo time & 11:30 am Mexico City time - 


Useful links 📎


  • Conference led by students of the Kedger Network Association

    Kedger Network is the school’s sports and cultural events association. More than just an events association, its team has a key asset: it brings together students and professionals. This helps meet the main challenge of any newcomer to a business school, which is to know what makes up the network. Created in March 2015, this young and dynamic association has seen its projects grow and develop from year to year.

  • Free

Registration deadline : 13th April 2021

Registration closed


  • Virginie SIMON
    Business Development & Sales Representative - Latin America - Charbonneaux-Brabant S.A.

    A 2015 graduate, Virginie did her end-of-studies internship working as Event & Communication Officer at the CCI França-Brasil in Rio de Janeiro. Her thesis was entitled "The Brazilian Market and the French Companies". Virginie began her career in Rio as Business Development and Administrative Manager at Casa Geraçao. She also freelances as a consultant on the side. In 2016, she moved to Sao Paulo to work for Charbonneaux-Brabant S.A., a French family-owned business. Currently, she is the Business Development & Sales Representative for the Latin America region. Virginie manages our local branch in Sao Paulo.

    Linkedin :
  • Noémie DE LATTRE
    International Professional Coach - Une ESCALE en Vous

    Naomi graduated in 2011. After 10 years of working in three different sectors: retail, events, and IT (all related to sports), she changed careers and became an International Professional Coach. She did her end-of-study internship in Sao Paulo, then continued with a VIE at Decathlon, also in Sao Paulo. In 2014, she worked for GL Events and the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. She spent six years in Brazil and plans to return to live there. Noémie created "Une ESCALE en Vous" in 2018, which offers coaching and coaching events to individuals and companies. She has managed the Kedgers of Grenoble branch for several years.

    Linkedin :
  • Tanguy DE BODINAT
    Founder - Mexico Wine & Spirits Consulting

    Tanguy is a wine enthusiast and has worked in the sector since he graduated in 2011. In France, he worked in both Bordeaux and Paris, notably at Baron Philippe de Rothschild France Distribution. In the summer of 2012, Tanguy decided to move to Mexico. He worked as National Sales Manager at Grupo Ferrimp, one of the leading importers, for three years. Drawing on his experience, he created Climats, a company that specialises in the import and distribution of premium wines from family estates and French Grands Cru wines The company, based in Mexico City, now has six employees and sells throughout the country, specialising in sales to gourmet restaurants, luxury hotels, and individuals.

    Linkedin :
    Founder - TOSTAKY

    After he graduated in 2009 with a Master's degree from Sciences Po Lyon, Arnaud built his professional career mainly abroad. He worked for two years in New York at Gilles Louvet Vineyards as the US & Latin America Sales Manager. Arnaud then moved to Mexico in 2014 and founded his first company: AF Export, an export agency for several European wineries to the US and Latin American markets. Since 2017 Arnaud has founded and run TOSTAKY, which specialises in the development of artisan spirits brands from Mexico.

    Linkedin :

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1 Comment

Pierre EVANNO (KEDGE BS Ingénierie d'affaires - IA MSc, 2020) 30 March 2021 à 16h40

Deux villes de deux pays qui ont une place particulière dans mon coeur ! Le brésil pour y avoir vécu quelque temps et le Méxique, y vivant actuellement un distanciel particulièrement riche d'expériences. Au plaisir d'écouter vos retours d'expériences le 13 avril. :)