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Leadership & Communication

Personal and professional development workshop

We're all leaders, and we can all be an inspiration to others! Leadership is a fundamental skill in today's professional world. And yet, it's sometimes difficult to assume this role and take one's place in an authentic and inspiring way.

Developing and perfecting your communication skills is one of the keys to bringing out the leader in you

🎯 Objectives

  • Develop active listening skills and empathy

  • Acquire effective and impactful communication tools

  • Reduce stress levels in communication situations

  • Improve the quality of your working relationships

  • Assert yourself with authenticity for greater impact

🧾 Terms and conditions






Graduate &


Coll. workshop
10 pers





Built aroundtheoretical contributions,practical exercises, experience sharing andexchanges between participants, this experiential workshop led by your coach will enable everyone to explore and appropriate the subject of self-confidence in a secure and caring environment.

Option: You can also take advantage of 1 hour of individual, personalized coaching by videoconference following this workshop, to work with your coach.

💳 Rates

👉 For the 3-hour group workshop with the coach

🎓 Graduates: €50

👨‍💼 Outside France: €100

👉Option1h individual coaching with the coach

🎓 Graduates: €35/hour

👨‍💼 Outside France: €70/hour


🔎 Important to know

  • The day before each session, you will receive a link to log in and follow the workshop.
  • Please check that your telephone number and e-mail address are up to date, so that the coach can contact you.

  • All sessions cancelled less than 48 hours in advance will be billed .
  • Workshops are not rebroadcast to ensure the confidentiality of your information and exchanges.

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It remains 5 spots

Registration deadline : 18th March 2024

Registration closed


  • Jean-Baptiste PARPANT

    In the course of his life, Jean-Baptiste has undergone a number of transformative experiences that have led him to question himself and reconnect with his inner vitality, a move he has been making on a daily basis ever since. With a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship from Toulouse Business School, he began his career in 2007 financing innovative start-ups.

    In 2012, he moved to Montreal, Canada. On a human level, he discovered a culture rooted in benevolence and open-mindedness. He trained in various innovative personal development approaches (helping relationships, mindfulness, hypnosis, NLP, etc.) and developed his individual and group coaching practice.

    In 2019, he returned to France and took charge of an honor loan fund that finances around 40 tech startups a year. Alongside these business activities, he has since committed himself to passing on to as many people as possible what he has learned through his life's journey, as an entrepreneur coach, business school trainer and facilitator of personal development workshops.

    Linkedin :

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