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Get to Know Yourself Better with the MBTI Personality Test!

Gain self-awareness and better manage your communications in professional settings

🎯 Objectives

The MBTI Personality Test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is based on Jung's theoretical contributions. It helps you discover your personality type and develop quality relationships with your customers, your employees, your partners, and others. You will discover your strong points and unique qualities to help you to better develop your potential, imprve your relationships with others, and make sound choices to grow professionally. 

Gain self-awareness and better manage your communications in professional settings. You will

  • Discover the MBTI personality model which, because of its cultural universality, is used by many companies throughout the world - 1.5 million tests are performed every year

  • Understand and discover, through interactive exercises, your own and others' manner of working

  • Learn how to leverage your personality potential to develop quality and lasting relationships

    Discover your personality type,
    develop your intrapersonal potential and make the most of it!


Detailed programme

  • Learn about and take the MBTI test
  • Learn about the four dichotomies that make up a "Personality Type": focus of energy, manner in which information is collected, approach to decision making, and life style
  • Identify your "Personality Type" and leverage your strengths in the relationship
  • Identify the "References" of the other person according to the given behavioural indicators
  • Adapt your communication in accordance with the "Personality Type" of the person you are interacting with

👤 Who's it for ?

  • Professionals whose job involves a significant amount of relational management, whether with internal staff (employees, intra- and inter-departmental colleagues, associates, managers, etc.) and/or external parties (customers, partners, etc.)

  • Leadership, negotiations, and conflict management. 


⚙️ Format and practical information

& Outsiders
Individual coaching Video conférence
2h On request


  • Register via this page
  • You will receive an email with an introduction and instructions, followed by an MBTI questionnaire to be completed online prior to your private meeting with our coach. Please remember to check your spam folder.
  • Once you have finished the test, our coach will contact you directly to schedule your sessions. 
⚠️ Be sure to verify that your contact details are up to date on your profile
to facilitate contact between you and the coach  ⚠️


ATTENTION: The dates indicated on the registration page are indicative only.  Your coaching sessions will be scheduled directly with the coach per your respective availabilities.

Attention, any session that is cancelled with less than 48-hour notice will be forfeited. 

🔎 Led by


Les ateliers Emploi Kedge Alumni, c’est pour Céline partager 26 années de conseil en mobilité de carrière à 360° à votre service !

Consultante RH, formatrice et coach,  entrepreneur depuis 12 ans, Céline s’appuie à la fois sur son expérience en conseil en mobilité de carrière mais aussi en qualité de manager RH.

Céline est aussi convaincue de la force d’un réseau professionnel et est notamment très investie dans différents réseaux économiques depuis 15 ans avec des responsabilités bénévoles de manager de projet et d’équipe.



📌 Rates




100 €
200 €


  • 100 €

    Dues-paying members
  • 200 €

    Non-dues-paying members

Registration deadline : 30th June 2023

Registration closed

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