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A gorgeous Chrismtas for kedergers of Geneva

Join the Kedgers community: share experiences and opportunities at a convivial afterwork event

To celebrate Christmas in style and usher in the New Year, your on-air hosts have a special evening in store for you.

Caviar tasting evening


Rendezvous December 12, 2023 at 6:30 pm




Caviar tasting

BAERII" Plum Caviar 250g

Made using Prunier methods. The characteristic finesse of this caviar explains the growing interest in the particular taste of Baerii sturgeon eggs. This Siberian variety - Acipenser baerii - is one of the most remarkable. Like its cousins from the Caspian Sea, it can measure up to 3 meters in length and weigh several quintals. It's only at the age of 6 that it begins to produce Prunier Baerii caviar. Prunier Baerii, with its inimitable hazelnut flavor, is increasingly in demand.

Caviar Prunier "Osciètre Classic" 250g

After more than 12 years, during which the Prunier house has patiently raised its "Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii" sturgeons at the Manufacture Prunier, in accordance with the rules of the art. This range of Prunier Osciètre caviars is the perfect complement to the traditional Prunier caviar range. Prunier Osciètre, with its light brownish-grey grains and creamy texture, will delight the most subtle palates with its unique aromatic persistence.

A shot of vodka will be offered during the tasting.

Qavjar Vodka N°1, 70cl

Representing the magnetism of the Caspian Sea, the perfection of a true treasure and the reward of those who have fought daily for their lives. QAVJAR N°1 is a pure, round vodka from the golden age of the Caspian Sea, with a peppery finish.


Qavjar N°3 Vodka, 70cl

Madé with a recipe that has always been favored by all, imbued with subtle blends of cereals and fruits. Made with all-natural ingredients. QAVJAR N°3 offers you the sensation of raspberry fruit and sweetness, with the strength and delicacy of a pure wheat vodká.


The afterwork

Enjoy Balik's must-taste salmon Sjomga Orange

The care taken in preparing Sjomga Orange is a testament to the Balik philosophy. Each fillet, taken from the belly of the salmon, is first lightly smoked, then separated from its silvery skin and marinated in a blend of ginger, orange and flower honey. Each ingredient contributes to its unique aromatic palette. Sliced into thin medallions, it will surprise even the most experienced connoisseurs with its originality and finesse.

6 bottles of Pinot Gris white wine included.

Beyond that, invoicing on site at participants' expense.


In this festive season, the KEDGE Alumni network is happy to cover part of the cost of this tasting for graduates registered and present at the event.

  • Graduates: €52.5
  • External: €58

Payment in euros. No refunds will be possible.

Registration required by December 11

Places are limited to 30

  • 52.5 €

  • 58 €

It remains 28 spots

Registration deadline : 9th December 2023

Registration closed

Event Organized By


    Working in Market Finance, I am responsible for developing and managing portfolios of institutional investors and private clients across Switzerland and the wider international market. Along with Vincent and Lionel, we make sure that the Kedge Business School Alumni club of Geneva keeps discovering and shares what our beautiful city and its surroundings have best to offer!

    Email :
  • Titouan GUERINON
    Email :

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