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Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh Ville

KEDGE Business School, c'est aujourd'hui plus de 74.000 diplômés répartis sur les 5 continents. Notre mission : activer et dynamiser ce réseau partout où les alumni sont présents grâce à des clubs professionnels et des antennes à l'étranger.

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh Ville

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh Ville



Animée par un diplômé bénévole, l'antenne des diplômés de KEDGE BS au Vietnam est un support précieux aux étudiants recherchant des stages ou aux nouveaux arrivants au Vietnam.

Objectifs de l’antenne

L'objectif de cette antenne est de créer du lien entre les Kedgers travaillant, vivant ou simplement de passage à Ho Chi Minh ville, favoriser le networking et permettre la mise en relation d'étudiants et d'alumni en Asie du Sud-est.

Organisateurs / Responsables

  • Vincent GOALARD (1991) - Responsable

    My success stems from over 20+ years of creating, building and reorganising fast-growing operations in complex multicultural and highly regulated ethical environments. I help organisations and C-Suite decision-makers in South East Asia navigate the ever-changing competitive business landscape and provide the strategic business and people tools required to thrive. With solid expertise in general management, product development, strategic consulting, sales, intercultural management and an expert in pharmaceutical marketing across the globe, I am skilled at providing solid counsel and practicable solutions. Whether you are seeking to set-up your business, attract talent, or need an experienced partner to support in the management or restructuring of your complex operations in South East Asia, I can help. My key milestones include managing a USD 30+ mil operation with a 300+ headcount, managing multi-countries operation in South East Asia and establishing a pharmaceutical operation in Vietnam from scratch to USD 9 mil in five years. Having worked in Europe, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, I am adept at understanding global and local business complexities across the globe. I am now permanently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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  • Alexandre LORGERON (2019) - Responsable

    Convinced that marketing and communication are the levers that support the company's success, I want to make a difference beyond the limits, while uniting the firm and its customers through memorable stories. My experiences in advertising agencies and in the United States have given me the keys to becoming a qualified but above all passionate expert in the communication and advertising sector. Working as both a project manager and a strategic analyst, I was able to design creative and innovative memorable stories to strengthen relationships between brands and their customers. My heart swings with the agencies to continue to give meaning and power to ideas, in complete freedom. I believe in the power of brands and I am motivated to become an experienced advertising manager to write new stories and arouse emotions. Keywords: versatile, creative, curious, strategic, responsibility, leadership, innovative, organized, project management, dynamics, planning, monitoring, study, analysis, synthesis, relational, flexibility, international, english, spanish, french.

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