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Rencontre avec Andrew, un kedger expatrié en Australie

Les 2 étudiantes du pro-act "KEDGE Alumni Travel" sont actuellement en Australie, où elles viennent à la rencontre de nos diplômés expatriés

  • PROMOTION : 2017
  • POSTE : Senior Buyer



  • Hello Andrew! To start off, please give us a quick introduction.

Hi, my name is Andrew Mills. I received my diploma in 2017. I’m currently Senior Buyer at RB in Melbourne, Australia.

  • What is your job? What are your tasks ?

I manage the Procurement for our two plants Australia for Infant Nutrition for both productions spend portfolios and NPS. The role covers the day to day functionality from a procurement perspective driving the implementation of new innovation products, cost saving and productivity projects, while having a strong focus on service, quality and supplier development. The role is the link between our suppliers and our plant. Overall, enjoying the role helping sculpt the future of the foundation of our two facilities while taking the ‘Best Practice’ processes from across RB and executing them in Australia. Every day is different with new challenges and new opportunities.


  • Tell us about your time at KEDGE? What did you study ?

I did the MAI, the Master of Science in International Purchasing and Innovation Management with Gordon Crichton. I was at Bordeaux Campus and it was a full English program. It was a fabulous year and I learned a lot about procurement.

  • Why did you decide to come to France? What about Kedge ? 

I came to France because of my partner. I met her in France, and she convinced me to come to join her France and to start a life there with her. 

Kedge is a well-known Business School in Europe, with a good reputation, especially the MAI. I realized that If you want to have a good career in Europe, you have to go to a good business school. I think it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. 


  • How did KEDGE help you develop and reach your goals ?

What created for me and continues for many students in the MAI is the added value of the MAI. It is the people which give courses are not only professors but business Directors and Managers. They share their learnings and they are leaders in their fields. This gives the opportunity to students to relate to them, ask some questions and learn from their mistakes. It allows you to have different views of a working World. It was very inspiring and very fantastic !

  • How long have you been an expatriate ?

I moved from New-Zealand to play rugby in China for 3 months. Then, I went to France for two years. The first year I studied at IAE in Bordeaux for the M1 and then I went to Kedge for the M2 with the MAI. After that, I moved to Poland with RB as an intern, and from there, I transferred to Amsterdam continuing my career with RB for 6 months in a new role. After 6 months there, I successfully moved to Thailand where I worked for IFCN formerly Mead Johnson which was a new acquisition for RB in infant formula for the last 10 months. I just moved last week to Melbourne still with RB.


  • Why did you decide to move to Melbourne ?

Half of the decision of the reason I wanted to come was my job and the other half is that Melbourne is the most city livable in the world, very dynamic and vibrant. I think it’s a great place to start a family. With my partner being French and myself coming from New-Zealand we needed to be in a place where we can develop a family culture together.

  • What are your future plans ?

I plan to be here for the next 5 years with RB in Procurement, developing our new facilities here.

After 5 years I would like to go back to Europe, potentially to Netherlands or Switzerland to develop my family there.


  • Is there another country in which you would have liked to live and why?

I would say Netherlands...It’s a very wonderful country to live. It’s a very open culture with a high standard of living. It’s clean and has a great way of life. It’s a great place to live with a family and great for our careers. [Of course,] it’s a world leader about sustainability perspective. 


  • What advice would you give to a student or recent graduate who are thinking of taking on a similar challenge ?

There are 2 points. The first one is to think about your added value that makes you special. This is a very important thing. When you apply abroad you have to develop your X factor and find what you love doing. 

When you come from France, which has a very rich culture, I think you have great opportunity to work abroad. There are so many things that different countries can learn from you and you can learn from other countries. Find your hobbies and build a career consistent with what you love. 

The second point is to be open to different cultures. Don’t relate everything to France, every country in the world is different and take the country for what it is. Live in it, learn it. That’s what makes you an expatriate !


Interview réalisée à Brisbane par Emma et Manon, étudiantes du pro-act KEDGE Alumni Travel. 





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