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KEDGE Executive MBA Seminar

Participate in the first alumni seminar in Brussels

Marco Schlüter is happy to invite the KEDGE Executive MBA students and graduates to participate in the first alumni seminar in Brussels.

This seminar will deal with:

  • Networking of KEDGE Alumni
  • How is EU functioning
  • Reform the EU
  • How to influence EU policy
  • What is policy doing for business (Business network & Research)
  • Environmental challenge – what is policy doing? How can business contribute ?



This seminar is not part of the official EMBA education, it is a self-organized seminar by one alumni, Marco Schlüter, who worked 13 years in the area of lobbying in Brussels and want to give something back to KEDGE through this initiative.


  • When: Monday, 18 February 13.00 - Tuesday, 20 February, 15.00
  • Where: Tuscany Region Brussels Liaison Office, 14 Robert Schumanplein,1000 Brussels, Belgium
  • Participation fee: 70 EUR (Early Bird)/ 90 EUR (late bird, after 10.1.2019) - You will be invoiced after registration


All KEDGE MBA students and graduates are welcome to take part of this unique experience and contribute to create their post MBA future!

If you are interested in this event, please register on the right of this page.

Hope to see you all in Brussels !

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Tuscany Region Brussels Liaison Office
14 Robert Schumanplein
1000 Brussels

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