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Two Kedgers found Blanc Dauphin, a brand from Marseille that manufactures clothing from sea waste

In 2019, Antoine and Florent (both KEDGE graduates and scuba diving enthusiasts) created Blanc Dauphin– a ready-to-wear brand that is 100% French and committed to the protection of the environment

The Blanc Dauphin story

Blanc Dauphin is a sustainable clothing brand, 100% French, that was created in 2019 by Antoine and Florent. It makes water- and wind-proof jackets out of plastic collected from the sea, plastic bottles, and vegan leathers. 


It all began with a meeting – that of Antoine and Florent, two young designers from Marseille who shared, since their respective childhoods, the same passion for scuba diving and the marvellous treasures of our sea beds. They want to put the environment and French know-how in the spotlight by producing locally and responsibly. 

Together they decided to design an eco-friendly jacket, made from recycled plastic bottles and plastic collected from the sea by a fishermen’s association. A small number of these jackets are produced in an artisanal workshop, with raw materials carefully selected from partners who share the values of Blanc Dauphin.




Support the project by pre-ordering

A crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, where you can pre-order the Blanc Dauphin jacket, was launched on 17 August. The campaign has met a lot of success, so much so that it reached more than double its original goal in less than two weeks!




Antoine, Florent, would you tell us more? 

1. How did the education you received at KEDGE Business School help you become who you are today, and how did its teachings help you develop your business/ project?

KEDGE taught us the fundamentals that gave us the ability to become entrepreneurs, mainly through its quality courses. We were also able to build and expand our professional network. In fact, we’re still in contact with most of our professors, and our Accounting professor, Etienne FULPIN, is our Chartered Accountant.

2. Would you tell us about the "Blanc Dauphin" brand?

Blanc Dauphin believes in environmentally-friendly and responsible fashion, with entails a new way of dressing and consuming. At the same, it promotes French know-how and uses small fabrication workshops and partners who want to accomplish great things.

We’ve produced a small series of waterproof, windproof, and thermochromic (adapting to the temperature of your body) jackets, made from plastic collected from the sea, recycled bottles, and vegan leather. We’ve also created - using traditional screen-printing methods in line with our environmental values – a special thermochromic strip of fabric for our brand, which changes colours according to the variations in temperature

3. What advice would you give to KEDGE graduates and students who would like to do something similar?

Don’t wait to get started. It doesn’t matter whether or not you succeed on your first attempt. In fact, very few people do. But the experience you accumulate through such experiences is unimaginable, not to mention the contacts you might make, each one more significant than the other. And everything that you learn over the course of your venture will be a considerable asset for your career path.



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