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This Kedger has co-founded LeverGrow: Data for salespeople

Co-founded by Kevin Rietsch (a KEDGE graduate) and his partner Anthony Ledru, LeverGrow is launching a SaaS software application to help salespeople prepare for meetings with quality data on their prospects.

Creating a real business relationship

Making an appointment with a prospect can be difficult. However, it' s only one step in making a successful sale. You still have to convince them that your product is relevant when you speak to them in person or via video conference. The secret to creating a real business relationship? Come with as much information as possible, having researched your target audience, and make the relationship as personal as possible. Because of a limited amount of time and information, salespeople can’t always do this. LeverGrow addresses this problem by connecting to the salesperson's calendar. The tool processes only appointments with prospects, and excludes internal meetings and personal items. An algorithm then automatically collects and summarises all available business information in the form of a report.

A product designed in collaboration with 200 users

200 salespeople signed up for the Beta version. From the very beginning, LeverGrow worked with them to develop the software to make it relevant and effective. As a result, the tool can find information on leads and companies, as well as up-to-date news about them. Some companies have asked for an English version so that their international employees can also use the system. There are projects underway including the development of an AI component, the integration of new tools, and partnerships with sector-specific databases. 

Two cofounders who are experts in growth

Kevin Rietsch (CEO) was a salesman at Cubyn and Anthony Ledru (CTO) was the first developer at Bail Facile. They met at Saqara, a real estate software company, where they headed the Growth team. In that experience, they noted that the sales team had a constant need for data. After conducting a hundred interviews, this need was confirmed and so they co-founded LeverGrow this past June. 

An ambitious and profitable startup

The co-founders want to become a global leader in data for sales teams. This ambition will not be achieved at the expense of profitability, and healthy growth. "Anthony and I both wanted to create a profitable company from day one, which is what we have today. In contrast to start-ups that raise funds and have no profitable business model, we want to show that it is possible to intelligently aim very high."


The startup also sets itself apart from others by its location. An increasing number of start-ups are leaving Paris for Nantes, Bordeaux, or Montpellier, but few are in Strasbourg. At the same time, telecommuting was established at the company's creation. Recruiting is planned for 2023, and will be made all over the world, so employees will be able to work wherever they want. 


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