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Zoé - Kedger and professional surfer!

Zoé Grospiron, a Kedger getting her Bachelor at KEDGE, is also a very promising high-level athlete

Born in the French Alpes, and originally from Annecy, Zoé is the daughter of Nathalie and French Olympic champion mogul skier Edgar Grospiron. In 2012, she moved to Anglet in the south of France. It was there that she fell in love with the ocean and discovered surfing, in particular the longboard.

“I’ve always been a board sports enthusiast. In the winter I do competition skiing, and during the summer holidays I enjoy surfing,” said Zoé.

More recently, Zoé has proven her talents with amazing results: 

  • 3rd in the French Championships in 2016
  • 3rd in the Newquay WLT in 2018;
  • 2nd in the Espinho WLT in 2019;
  • 8th World Champion and Vice-champion of Europe in 2019 

Currently, she takes part in national and international competitions around the world. As ROXY Girl, she travels around searching for the best waves, discovering new cultures, and new landscapes.

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“You feel so free and relaxed while surfing. I love the bond I feel with the ocean, the sensations that bring such happiness, joy, and serenity. I respect and admire the ocean,” she explained.

Zoé is pursuing her dream of becoming a longboard champion while continuing her Bachelor studies at KEDGE!

“My days are very full between classes, training on the Atlantic coast (dependent upon the tides and conditions), the physical preparation and adapted diet.  I love the school’s atmosphere and I fit in very well with my class. Of course, I try to organise my days down to the letter. My strength comes from the unfailing support of my mother, my stepfather, and Louison, without whom I wouldn't be able to achieve my sporting and academic goals. It’s my belief that you must believe in your dreams and DARE," said Zoé.



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