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Two KEDGE graduates compete for the Customer Relations Personality of the Year Award

Catherine Monghal and Cédric Belloir, both KEDGE Business School graduates, are competing for the 2019 Customer Relations Personality award, organized for the CX Awards.

On 18 June, Relation Client Magazine is holding elections for the 2019 Customer Relations Personality of the Year award. Readers of the magazine and professionals are called on to vote for their favourite candidate.

Among this year’s 10 preselected candidates are two KEDGE graduates:

  • Catherine Monghal, class of 1990, Director of Quality, Training, Customer Studies, and customer care for Europe, Meetic group;
  • Cédric Belloir, class of 1992, Customer Relationships Manager at Total Direct Energie.


Catherine Monghal :

A graduate from ESC Marseille’s class of 1990, and member of the MM office in 1989-1990, Catherine Monghal has a background in three areas: Marketing Studies (Nielsen), Customer Relations (Teleperformance, Comdata, Acticall-Sitel), and Training (Lyon 2 University, Iseg Lyon, Learning Tribes, and various consulting firms).

Passionate about data, knowledge, and customer satisfaction, Catherine began working on Customer Care issues for the Meetic Group in 2016. After starting her career at Nielsen, she went to work for Teleperformance, and then started freelancing, providing support to large companies with their customer relationship issues. With her extensive experience, she is fully aware of how the ideas of efficiency and performance as applied to customer service have changed over the years.

"For a very long time, all the strategies and technologies were implemented in the name of efficiency and performance were geared toward optimising costs. But times have changed, and now a company’s goal is no longer to just save on costs, but to turn the relationship with customers into a source of profit, either by improving customer satisfaction or by enriching the experience of employees," she said.

The automation of processes, the use of data, the development of self-care, all these changes place customer teams at the centre of the game. "I am totally convinced by the concept of balance of attentions, and I strive to apply it daily. We must put the people at the centre of the system by using technologies wisely”. Under the direction of Catherine, and backed by the customer service department and all the teams that accompany it, Meetic is firmly committed to data-driven Customer Centrism. "We are always listening to Meetic users. They are the drivers of our achievements and innovations, and the entire company is nourished by the feedback received, and are more effective. This is undoubtedly one of my greatest satisfactions," Catherine concluded.

Finally, with Meetic, Catherine won the "Customer Service of the Year" award twice, in 2018 and 2019, in the Dating Site category, organised by Viseo Customer Insights.

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Cédric Belloir :

A 1992 Kedge Business School graduate, Cédric Belloir discovered the potential of customer relations and contact centres when he was doing a final internship.

"At the time, of course, we didn’t have the technological arsenal that is at our disposal today, but that experience allowed me to see how valuable the relationships with the customer is. Instantly, customer relationship became a passion for me," he explained. 

Once he had this first professional experience, and rich from meeting and a strong link with his first employer, Cédric took flight and combined his accumulated experiences in marketing and CRM, and launched himself into customer relations consulting, and develops various skills and an appetite for technology.

In 2007, after working for some time with a telephone operator, Cédric went to work for Poweo and helped it grow and evolve. As Customer Relationship Manager for Total Direct Energie, he insists on never losing yourself in the tools. "Everything we do must make sense for the customers as well as for the teams [...] it is very important to never fall into pitfall of only focussing on digital, because the person is always key. As an energy provider, the amount of data available on each customer is monumental. Our challenge is to develop a personal relationship with each of our clients, not on the basis of their profile, but on their personal reality," he explained. 

We must ensure that in an ultra-competitive sector, we offer a discriminating experience. "The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning - in short the power of the computer - is a major tool, but the teams whose professionalism and commitment have already been hailed by various awards, are the real source of pride".

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