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These KEDGE Bordeaux students are going on a road trip!

The student association KEDGE Motors Club (KMC), which was formed in 2014, organises many campus events all year round. This year, they have a new project: a road-trip to Spain!

KMC, the student club of crazy drivers!

Kedge Motors Club (KMC) is one of the associations of KEDGE Business School Bordeaux, and brings together automobile, motorbiking, and karting enthusiasts!  We organise several events that include all aspects of the automobile world. 


  • The Karting Championships between Kedgers. Every Monday, come and challenge the best BEM drivers on the Biganos circuit.
  • The 4L Trophy: Each year we are part of team at the 4L Trophy. This year we even bought our own 4L.
  • The Journée de Prévention Routière (Road Safety Day). As KMC also aims to raise awareness of the dangers of the road, the JPR is a day of fun with activities such as the rollover car, the “testochoc”, the blind spot workshop, etc.
  • Two car/motorbike exhibitions in the KEDGE corridor. Come and discover cars in our Ancient vs Modern theme.
  • And new this year - a Road Trip! KMC is full of surprises and good plans!


But most of all, our association is above all a beautiful family open to all.


We think a lot of our drivers who succeeded in making the 4L trophy project a success and we also thank our close partner @isicfrance Today, they are on the roads of the Moroccan desert and the landscapes are really magnificent 😍🇲🇦
Post shared by KEDGE Motors Club (@kedge_motors_club) on Feb 2020 at  2:42 PST

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On vous attend nombreux sur notre stand le 9&10 septembre 💙🚙

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Their new project - The Road Trip

This year’s project -  The Road Trip by KMC. We are getting ready for an unforgettable Road Trip from Bordeaux to San Sébastian, via Biarritz and Biscarosse.

It’s the chance to find the roads of the Southwest and of Spain, but not only that!


On the programme:

  • An Aquapark
  • An orienteering race and treasure hunt in Spain
  • Parties, beaches, tapas, and barbecues in the most beautiful locations in the South-west
  • And lots more…

This Road Trip will take place on the 8, 9, & 10 May. Five teams of four Kedgers are taking off on this adventure.


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