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KEDGE launches a Chair on intrapreneurship.

Why not become a partner company?

KEDGE Business School and Conseil & Recherche launch the first business Chair dedicated to intrapreneurship. It has four principal objectives:

  • Structure and implement intrapreneurship programmes;
  • Understand the life cycle of intrapreneurial programmes;
  • Disseminate the results within the company and predict the future of intrapreneurship;
  • Strengthen links between intrapreneurship and innovation.

will manage the scientific needs (support for research and pedagogy) and Conseil & Recherche will lead the project, in particular, in interactions with partner companies.

This project is undertaken in partnership with TheCamp.


Intrapreneurship emerged in the 1970s, but today has developed to the point where it is attracting more and more companies. Passing fad or a real economic opportunity?

One of the reasons for its success is the ability to apply this approach to all sectors without limit. It offers new opportunities for an organisation to innovate, thereby strengthening its competitiveness in the markets.

In addition, for those employees who feel the need to be useful to their organisation, and to want to develop their creativity and potential for innovation, intrapreneurship is an opportunity for management and human resources development.

Employing intrapreneurial strategies is one of the key ways to begin a true cultural transformation towards innovation, and change organisations and their managerial practices.


Why partner with this Chair?

An innovative stratagem

The strong point of this Chair is the alliance between a research organisation (KBS) and an agency that specialises in the producing and leading research for companies (C&R) which provides a unique means to guarantee a permanent link between research and the challenges faced by the Chair's partners.

Workshops, inter-company seminars, learning expeditions, educational exchanges, bootcamps, and other events are used. It ensures consistent results and deliverables.


A research programme

  • A research programme led by expert research professors offers an analytical perspective on managerial innovation practices;
  • The coordination of symposia and the production of academic articles.


An educational approach

  • The activities of the Chair nourish our educational programmes;
  • The involvement of students in the preparation of articles and case studies in consultation with partner companies.


Regular meetings in the form of:

  • Seminars, workshops, and bootcamps. This learning ecosystem is a tool companies can use to unite its employees around intrapreneurship. It promotes meetings with experts, researchers, and sharing with those interested in this approach.


The enhancement of activities and partners:

  • The organisation of round tables or symposiums to exchange and promote the results;
  • A newsletter to converse with employees of the partner company about the subject;
  • Communications via websites, social networks, press releases, and press articles.


Want to know more?


Eric Sirven, KEDGE BS : 07 88 63 77 99
Marjorie Bied, C&R : 06 28 04 37 07




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