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KEDGE BS Alumni offers free support to recent graduates looking for work.

The transition from student life to working life isn’t always easy. Young graduates often feel they have been let loose in the jungle that is the workforce and feel like things were very different before and after they received their diploma. With KEDGE BS Alumni, our support doesn’t end the day you graduate.


We offer a number of advantages to help you find a job

KEDGE BS Alumni’s offers continued support for the first three years following your graduation, by giving you access to all its digital tools at no cost (alumni directory, job offers, cyberlibris…). We also offer you free participation in all of our job and networking events in Paris, Bordeaux and Marseille (Job Club, Recruitment Events, Alumni Meet-ups).

In order to further strengthen and personalise our support, we also offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the special support for young graduates, free of charge, in France and abroad. Take advantage without delay, today and up to 3 years after graduation, of this scheme which consists of :

  • Access to four free webinars:
  • 3 hrs of individual and personalised coaching
  • 1 free registration to one of our employment seminars

An encouraging start

The service was only established a few months ago, and we’ve already had some happy clients, as the below testimonies will attest to:

A week ago I told you that I got the position as Account Manager for Chains and Distributors. This morning I emailed the company my signed work contract. I wanted to thank you for your support during this process. While I was looking for work, I lacked self-confidence and doubted my capabilities. Your enthusiasm was contagious and your advice helped me get back on track and become more confident.” Marguerite (MACI)

"I wanted to thank you for the support you provided me over the past few months. It’s thanks to your coaching that I was able to regain my confidence, review my career plans…and sign a permanent contract! I am transitioning from communications to business, with a position as a Consulting Engineer in a very reputable SME, where I am already thriving. Thanks again for your precious help and advice. I would be happy to stay in touch!” Elisa (EGC)

"I just signed a contract as a Development Manager for a hockey club for one sports season. I will be in charge of the structure’s business affairs: sponsoring, communication, volunteer staff management, ticketing…etc. A comprehensive position, with an important development component, in an emerging company, which I am really excited about! I would like to thank you for the quality of your coaching and your kindness. It was an enormous help to have you by my side during these difficult months.” Thomas (ESC) 

Are you a recent KEDGE BS graduate looking for a job? Don’t hesitate to get some help!




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