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Evening Social / Workshop in Brussels

Evening social

Alumni in Brussels, your local host is starting up the Workshop Series: Be sure to mark 17 December in your calendars

Rozenn Marechal, the host of our Brussels branch, has organised a workshop for Kedgers on 17 December from 7:15 pm to 8:45 pm at Carpe Diem:


Workshop "Outside of the Box"

 Creativity is intelligence having fun (Albert Einstein)

Workshop led by Stephania Gardini

People often think, wrongly, that creativity is innate and uniquely reserved for artists. We now know that it is nothing more than a muscle that we have to train and cultivate. By doing regular exercises we can train our brain to think "outside of the box" until doing so becomes automatic. It is therefore possible to put into place techniques to quickly stimulate creativity, imagination, and innovation in professional or personal projects. Creativity lets us address problems more efficiently, and to find unusual solutions. Icing on the cake – being “creative” is one of the keys to Happiness! 

From Training and Communications, Graphic Arts, and Project Management Stephania Gardini has managed diverse projects in companies and non-profits.  To think “outside of the box" has always been the creed that she shares with enthusiasm with her teams, colleagues, and friends. So it’s completely natural that she has been drawn toward entrepreneurship and business creation; enough to embark on a new challenge where creativity takes, once again, all its meaning!

We hope that you find the topic chosen by Rozenn appealing.


  • Free

  • 15 €

  • 20 €

    guests, exterior

Registration deadline : 18th December

Registration closed

Event organised by

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Carpe Diem
Avenue de Tervueren 13
1040 Bruxelles

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