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This Kedger has launched a series of webinars dedicated to the post-Covid-19 era!

2018 KEDGE graduate Stacy Algrain has just launched the "Penser L'après" project where changemakers come to your living room.

Stacy graduated from KEDGE's International BBA programme in 2018. She did two university exchanges - her first at San Diego State University and her second at Singapore Management University. She also did a final year internship in Mumbai with Earth5R

After taking a gap year, she attended Sciences Po for an M1 in Environmental Policy, and she’s about to complete her first internship at the Ministry of Agriculture.


The "Penser L'après" project 🎙️

(“Think about afterwards”)

The principle: 
  • A series of webinars on Covid-19 entitled "Penser L'après" - live on Zoom and Facebook Live;
  • Registration is required via the link on the event page.

The format:

  • 45-minute interview.
  • 30 minutes of questions and answers.

"This period is particularly anxiety-provoking, so bringing out a collective desire to act, discuss, and debate is essential. We know that this exceptional situation marks a turning point in our history. We are gradually realising that not only is our economic and social system fragile but we are especially becoming aware that it is based on the interdependence of the individuals and ecosystems that make it up. Now more than ever, we must learn from this and be prepared to change directions. With "Penser L'après", the actors involved in change come into your living room! In live webinars, they will share their vision, knowledge, and understanding of the events we are going through." - Stacy Algrain. 


Many episodes can already be viewed on the YouTube channel. Be sure to follow the Facebook page to be notified of upcoming webinars. 

On the weekend of 9 and 10 May, in partnership with Sciences Po Environnement, Stacy directed a Facebook Live for 10 hours. "10 hours to get involved” had:

  • 28 speakers;
  • 1 vegan cooking lesson;
  • 2 artistic interludes;
  • 1 mini-concert; and,

an introduction by Yann Arthus-Bertrand! All of this can soon be seen on replay on YouTube. 




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